Just imagine that you’re a reader and on your lazy Saturday afternoon off from your busy work week, you’re sitting home in front of your computer, staring, with nothing to do.  So, you decide that you’d like to read a book.  BUT, not just any book….you’re in the mood to find yourself a NEW favorite author!  One totally undiscovered, one you’ve never heard of before but yet, one who’s really good at their craft.

So, your fingers start typing http://www.amazon.com, then your index finger moves up to the search box and it hits BOOKS.  You’re looking for recommendations for the latest and the greatest.  You’re then faced with all these books written by un-knowns and you notice this one with a really intriguing title so you click on it to see what the world thinks of it, but THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REVIEWS.  So, what do you do, even if that title is screaming for you to get that book?  You move on and you find another with some REVIEWS. 😦

Imagine you’re home alone in bed, no kids, no hubby, just you and your precious dog, Tam Tam.  You just finished reading the most awesome book by a NEW author and it was so good, you couldn’t stop until you’d reached the end.  You pick up the phone and you call your friend Pam and you’re so excited, you tell her she has to get this book right away because it was so good!  She says, “I’m heading to the book store tomorrow to pick it up!”.  So you say your good-byes, you roll over and you smile at the book because it was so good, you’re wishing you could speak to it to tell it how grateful you are for the pleasure it gave you.  You’re tired and knowing that you really want to write a review and tell the world how good this book is, you pull Tam Tam closer, you close your eyes and you fall asleep.  Review never gets posted. 😦

Imagine, you’re a NEW author and you KNOW that your work is good, and you see that the sales of your book are increasing, yet you have no reviews.  In your heart, you know that you could sell more books and even become a best-selling author, if only people would take the time to share with the world what they think of your book.  Writing is your bread and butter, it’s the way you support your family.  And although friends, family and the few strangers of friends and family who have read your book, tell you how much they love your work, sadly you know that  soon you will have to put your writing career on hold and go out into the real world and get a real job that will support your family.  All because people never took the time to post reviews.  😦

Book Reviews = Book Sales.  There are three different people in this story, two who could have made a difference in this author’s life but they didn’t.  The moral of this story…if you read a book and enjoy it, and you don’t post a review, that author may never have the opportunity to write another great book for you to read and enjoy, all  because he had to give it up to do something else to feed his family.

Don’t be the reason the world loses out on some great new authors and some awesome reading material.  TAKE THE TIME TO POST A REVIEW AS SOON AS YOU FINISH READING THE BOOK.  Reviews really do make  an author’s world go round.


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  1. Yes, I think you’re right! Thank you for featuring my book.


  2. Thanks, Nonnie.

    I’ve heard that Story Cartel is an excellent way to get reviews (http://www.storycartel.com). You offer your e-book free to readers for a limited time in exchange for a review that they post at Amazon. The incentive is something you provide as a prize in a random draw of all readers who write their reviews by a specified date.


  3. You are so right Nonnie, what a wonderful post! It truly boils down to that: Unless we support a book with our testimony of appreciation the author may never feel inclined to create another book of equal or even higher value. As always, we have to do our bit to help others. Especially for us authors, even if it seems like we are paying it forward sometimes, the universe remains alert and I think our good deeds will be rewarded in good time even then.


  4. Shirley L. Slaughter | Reply

    I posted it on my facebook page and twitter page.


  5. Shirley L. Slaughter | Reply

    That was something to really think about. I have a lot of books out there sold that folks never bothered to do a review even when I asked them to. I think I’m going to share this. I hope it won’t be to obvious.


    1. People really don’t understand the importance of REVIEWS to us, so this was a must to put it in the forefront of people’s minds.


  6. Yes they do! Thank you for taking the time to remind everyone of this.


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