Hello and welcome to “WHO’S ON THE SHELF?” with yours truly, Nonnie Jules!  Since we are a book club, you know we had to offer something that included a book shelf.  A lot of interviews merely cover an author’s work or an individual’s career stories.  Here on this “SHELF,”  we get down and dirty and ask the questions no other interviewer dare ask.  We ask the questions that you want to open up a book and find the answers to on your favorite authors and fellow book club members, but no one has dared to cover them.  WE get personal!  Because when you sit on the RRBC “SHELF,” YOU are an open book!

Today I have with me on the “SHELF” our Current “SPOTLIGHT” Author, John Fioravanti!!! As you can see, John likes to dance and he is boogying to one of my favorite tunes, PRETTY WOMAN!  (Actually, I call it my theme song because as you know, every STRONG, GORGEOUS LADY NEEDS ONE!)  John is also the newest, and most welcome addition to our Governing Board here at RRBC!  He has joined our membership dept. and serves as our Membership/Incentives Director.  You wanna join us?  See John.  You wanna give us something?  See John.  Watch John Work!  He enjoys it, and that’s exactly the kind of energy we need on our TEAM!

photo (4)

NJ:  Since John chose his own music today, I have to tell you my story behind this particular song.  I am in love with Julia Roberts!  Anything she’s ever done, I’ve seen it!  A real beauty, inside and out, that one is.  Now, Pretty Woman (the movie), is my all time favorite.  Loved it so much, that when I visited Cali for the first time back in 2008, I had to find that hotel that the movie was shot out of and I had to wear a black and white ensemble/dress w/matching hat, as she wore in the movie (you should see me standing over a vent on the ground, with my dress being blown up like Marilyn Monroe’s in that famous pic of hers).  The only thing that was missing the day I wore the Julia Robert’s black and white ensemble, was the shop on Rodeo Drive with the nasty, snobby store clerks.  I so desperately wanted to go into one and ask if they worked on commission, so I could spew that famous line of Julia’s:  “Big mistake!  Huge!  Well, I gotta go shopping now!”  So, enough about me and my girl-crush, Julia R.  Before we get started, how does the “shelf” feel to you, John?  Is it comfy?

John:  I’m usually not good with heights, but having your company on this shelf helps a lot!

NJ:  {John got himself into a little hot water with me a couple of days ago, so friends, get ready for a lot of brown-nosing on his part today}.  Let’s start by confirming whether or not your author name is your birth name or a pen name?

John:  Yes, John Fioravanti is my birth name.

NJ:  Tell us where you were born.  Do you still live there now?  If not, what city and state are you calling home these days?

John:  I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When I was four, my parents moved to the small town of Dundas, Ontario (on the west end of Hamilton), where I grew up. I’ve lived in Waterloo, Ontario, since 1973.

NJ:  Married or single?

John:  I’m married to Anne for 41 years now.


NJ:  Awwww, look at dear, sweet Anne.  She’s such a sweet heart, you can tell from the photo.  Kids or no?  If yes, how many?  Sons or Daughters?

John:  We have 3 kids: 1 daughter, 2 sons.

NJ:  Favorite child (and be honest…I’m sure they’re not reading this interview).

John:  I’ll take the 5th on that one – even though I’m a Canadian!

NJ:  John, if you wanna go stealing our laws and rules, you have got to become American! I will let you “slide” this time, but don’t do it again. This is not Bravo Television’s game “I Plead The 5th!”  This is Nonnie’s game:  “You Sit Your Hiney On This Shelf You Sing Like A Bird/ or Spill Your Guts,” whichever you’re most comfortable with.  Any pets?  If so, what kind?

John:  None now. We’ve had two Cocker Spaniels, one Cockapoo, and a Maltese Terrier over the years.

NJ:  Favorite food…

John:  Steak!

NJ:  Favorite color…

John:  Royal blue

NJ:  Nooooo!   That is my favorite color!  It was the color of my wedding!!!!!  Wow!  I feel my anger for you dissipating a little.  Just a little, don’t get to comfy way up here.  What’s your favorite sport?

John:  Hockey (what else!)

NJ:  Uhhhhhh, I don’t know.  Hide & Seek, maybe? -________-  Your favorite TV Show…

John:  NCIS

NJ:  Favorite Actress/Actor…

John:  Mark Harmon, Julie Roberts

NJ:  Like Mark Harmon, LOVE Julia Roberts!!!!  Good answer!  Couch potato or workout nut? Be honest.

John:  Converted couch potato. Now I have a personal trainer who works me hard three times a week!

NJ:  Good!  Biggest pet peeve that makes you want to stomach-punch somebody?: (For the record, NJ does not condone violence but she does believe in being honest so she has to admit that there are times when she feels like some friendly stomach-punching is a little necessary).

John:  I have a hard time with bad, discourteous drivers!

NJ:  That’s all you got?  Bad, discourteous drivers?  Really, John?  They’re light weights.  I have them as snacks.  I expected you to say something like TERRORISTS, or something!  Well, moving on…are you neat or messy?

John:  Neat Freak!

NJ:  I knew there was some reason I loved you, Fio!  #NeatFreaksUnite!  Everyone else on that island!  Facebook or Twitter?

John:  Facebook is my comfort zone. I’m still trying to get comfy on Twitter – mainly because of RRBC.

NJ:  See, I’m not a FB fan, I like easy and for me, Twitter is easiest. OK, well, to each his own.  Now, name two of the most supportive people you’ve met on either Facebook or Twitter? Hurry and tell us so we can become their friend.

John:  On Facebook: Kenneth Tam; on Twitter: the folks of RRBC.

NJ:  Oh, don’t wanna upset anyone, huh?  So you generalize it…we’re all your favorites, huh?  -_________-  Okie Dokie then. Nonnie Jules or Wonderwoman? Be honest

John:  Nonnie Jules… you’re the real deal! Wonder…who?

NJ:  Nice comeback.  Everyone knows the names Mark Twain and Stephen King but how about you give us two names of some INDIE authors that you favor..

John:  I don’t know many. Kenneth Tam & Jacqui Tam

NJ:  What is it about them that you’ve come to like?

John:  I love Kenneth’s Sci-Fi novels and his alternate history novels. He is also a very good friend. Jacqui (his mother) is an accomplished author in her own rite. She wrote a very moving non-fiction account of her father’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

NJ:  Name two favorite INDIE books that you’ve read.

John:  The Human Equation and Standing Tall.

NJ:  ONE good INDIE book you read that was so good you wished the entire world would read it…

John:  Standing Tall by Jacqui Tam.

NJ:  What was so great about it?

John:  It was very well-written, informative, emotionally moving, authentic.

NJ:  After you read books, do you post reviews?

John:  No – not until I joined RRBC recently.

NJ:  Well, first I will say I’m glad that your joining us impressed upon you the importance of “reviewing,” and secondly, I think that was the same for a lot of us.  I didn’t post “book” reviews  before RRBC, and look at me now! What do you think readers should base their reviews on?

John:  The book’s writing style – was it hard to put down? Did it measure up to the accepted standards of the book’s genre?

NJ:  Are you one of those who are afraid to be honest in their reviews lest the author gets upset with you, or is honesty your best policy, especially in reviews?

John:  That is a tough question. Yes, I find it hard because I want to be supportive. So far I haven’t had to write a review for a book I thought was terrible.

NJ:  Read any poorly written books lately?

John:  No, I haven’t. I have read books I didn’t like because of the subject matter.

NJ:  Are you an author?

John:  Yes I am.

NJ:  How long have you been writing?

John:  I’ve been writing for a long time – over 30 years – for my students at the beginning.

NJ:  What books have you written?

Getting It Right in History Class (2002)

A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching (2007, 2008, 2010, 2014)

A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching by John Fioravanti

NJ:  Which one do you think is the best?

John:  I think “Journey” is the best. It is my story, written as an inspirational piece, aimed at young teachers and anyone else who would enjoy an inspirational story. It won an IPPY Bronze in 2008.

NJ:  I just put it on my TBR list. Sounds like my kind of read!  Do you have a blog or website?

John:  My wife and I started our own publishing company in December, 2013, called Fiora Books. Our blog is on this website – they are called Fiora Posts.

NJ:  Name three great online resources or organizations that every author should belong to…

John:  Rave Reviews Book Club; GR; and LinkedIn author groups

NJ:  Which online resource or organization has helped you as an author the most?

John:  For helpful information: LinkedIn author groups. For support and inspiration: RRBC

NJ:  How were you helped by them?

John:  I met Chris Ward from the UK on LinkedIn – he helped me with marketing strategies + he’s the one who introduced me to RRBC.  What can I say about RRBC? I ’ve learned so much about supporting fellow members, slowly getting to know some, receiving support every single day!

NJ:  Since you’re sitting on the SHELF, you’re obviously a Rave Reviews Book Club member, so what do you think of the club?

John:  I am so impressed! I enjoy the online relationships with members I’ve met, and wish I could meet these folks in person! I think every Indie author/publisher would benefit from the club, and I think readers get to meet some quality authors and be steered towards some excellent books.

NJ:  Have you come across any other online entities like it?

John:  No I haven’t. RRBC and Nonnie Jules are very unique.

NJ:  Why, thanks, Fio…would you recommend us to your friends and family?

John:  Indeed – already have!

NJ:  This shelf is getting hard on my hiney, so we’re going to wrap this interview up.  Any final words?

John:  Cherish the Written Word!

NJ:  John, typically I try to look my best for my guests and I would have to say I do a pretty good job of it.  You, my dear, based on your behavior this week, didn’t deserve me at my best, so I decided to have a few twinkies, cookes, ice cream, cake and a little too much watermelon…you know, junk food.  I also chose to not work out before you came, so you enjoy the best me you’re going to get today, Mister!…

Fat Wonder Woman

John, you have made our interview on the SHELF today, a most pleasant one!  To my guests, please support John by picking up a copy of his newest release,

You can also support John by visiting his blog stops on his tour which ends on Saturday.  You can find the tour line up here.  

Have you joined Rave Reviews Book Club yet?  Well, here’s your chance!  And since John aka “Fio”  was on the “SHELF” today, tell them he sent you.  Make it a great day, my friends.  We’ll see you next week, right here on the SHELF” with another interesting guest!!


15 responses

  1. Nice meeting you, John–nice dance steps lol. Glad to see you exercising–something I need to do as well. This was a really cute interview between you and Nonnie–sorry so late in commenting–the flu knocked me on my . . . umm derrirere!


  2. Totally Fab-u-lous! It’s so much fun getting to know our members a little better! Nonnie, thank you for another great interview, and John, I just LOVE your picture! Congrats on your SPOTLIGHT Author nomination, John, and I’m thrilled you’ve joined the board. Best wishes for your continued success! xoxo 🙂


  3. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    What an interesting interview. Congratulations John. I always enjoy reading these on my smart phone.


  4. “The only thing that was missing the day I wore the Julia Robert’s black and white ensemble, was the shop on Rodeo Drive”. So… Richard Gere *was* there??

    Mark Harmon, eat your heart out… 😀 Although I have to confess that NCIS is a great show, one of my favorites as well. 🙂

    John, is the Maltese the one in your wife’s arms on the photo of the two of you? S/he looks gorgeous!


  5. Interesting interview. I’m glad RRBC brought the importance of the review to your attention John. I’ll bet you can write some really good insightful ones.


  6. Great interview, John. I love the overweight Wonderwoman, Nonnie 🙂


    1. I know, MiMi! Isn’t she attractive? Sometimes, thin is highly over-rated -________-


  7. harmonykentonline | Reply

    Another funny, informative, and great interview! I thought you hung onto that shelf marvellously, John! Must’ve been your awesome dancing that saved you 😀


  8. Interesting interview – both of you.


  9. Great interview, John! Nonnie, I totally loved the fat Wonder Woman. 🙂


    1. Rhani, how did I know you would? LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Great interview John. At least she didn’t say you were too chatty! Yes, I would like to know what got John in the dog house too!


  11. Awesome interview, John & Nonnie! Very entertaining! 🙂
    I adore Mark Harmon & Julia Roberts. Both are on my favorites list.


  12. John, you are fortunate… You didn’t get close to the edge of the shelf as some of us have. 😉


  13. Well John, you met your match with Nonnie on the shelf today. When you spar with Nonnie, you have to be ready. At a point, I was afraid the shelf would tip. Well done. You managed to stay on the seat.


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