SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – #RRBC STYLE! “Rally, Old Dogs! Time For A New Trick!” A Twitter Lesson

This is the first in a series of “Helpful” blog posts for those who are not as social media savvy as others. This series is being called SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – RRBC STYLE!

Watch Nonnie Write!

Many of you may have heard of Rave Reviews Book Club’s latest vehicle to Profile, Promote & Propel their members (they have so many awesome ways).  It’s called RAVE WAVES, a new BLOGTALK RADIO show which just made Saturdays, Thursdays and 1 Monday a month, a lot more fun!  It’s a series of radio shows in place to give member-authors a greater platform for themselves and their books to garner mega-exposure, and boy, it is awesome!  There are 8 shows a month, ASPIRE TO INSPIRE, AUTHOR SCOOP, BEHIND THE PEN, BEYOND THE COVER, BUY THE BOOK, BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT, and SPOTLIGHT HONORS…all hosted by phenomenal authors!  There is truly something for everyone and to find out more about these shows, click on each show title above and also, take a peek at the main RAVE WAVES page.

During each show, listeners…

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2 responses

  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    Rally Old Dogs…Nice post Nonnie. Can always use a twitter lesson.


  2. Bravo Nonnie! 😀 Twitter can be a very scary place for people – I know I was soooooooo slow to get into it, but once you take the plunge it’s a very useful way of connecting with your friends and colleagues. I wouldn’t enjoy Rave Waves half as much if I didn’t join in the ‘Tweet Chorus Line’ banter… 😉


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