SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – #RRBC STYLE! “How To Become a Great Supporter on and off Social Media…” A Twitter Lesson

Hello Twitter!  Hello Facebook!  Hello, all you other fantastically, engaging social media forums (many of which I’m not familiar with at all).  Lastly, hello to all you wonderful people who utilize these mediums with great success.

Since the inception of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and numerous other social media forums, we are now living in an age of unlimited ways to market ourselves, our products, our life, and everything about, and around us. (I, for one don’t think this over-sharing of information is at all safe or a good idea, by the way.  I use social media STRICTLY for marketing and business purposes only).

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “I will never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.”  What does that mean to?  Well, to me it means that we all need one another and that if I am to reach my highest potential, I cannot stand and look down on you, step over you, or leave you behind on my journey to success.  I have to lift you up, propel you, and even let you stand on my shoulders if need be, so you can reach your highest potential, because once again, I can’t be truly successful until you are truly successful…my equal, standing right beside me.  Repeat after me: I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER!  It would do some well to remember this.

If you’re on social media, I am all for you tooting your own horn.  You guys already know this…I write about it, I tweet about it, I live it.  But, we also need to realize that “spreading the wealth, sharing someone else’s word,” is also the way to get us where we need to be.

I like to think of myself as being a great supporter of others.  I work at it truly hard, I do.  It’s extremely important to me that we all succeed, because something inside of me cannot truly feel successful, if you aren’t just as successful.

So, if you aren’t already, here is how you too, can become a GREAT SUPPORTER of others on and off Social Media…namely Twitter.

TOOT YOUR OWN HORN, BUT TOOT THE HORN OF OTHERS, AS WELL:  It’s ludicrous to think that as authors, artists, musicians, etc., that we are not going to tell the world about what we do.  That’s crazy!  I, for one, am definitely not working as hard as I am to sit quietly and not share with the world my hard work.  BUT, I know that there are others who are working just as hard, just as tirelessly as I am to get their work out to the masses, too, so I spend as much time tooting the horn of others as I do my own.

DON’T JUST RT TWEETS THAT CONTAIN YOUR OWN HANDLE, RT THE WORK OF OTHERS, AS WELL:  When it comes to Twitter, I have noticed that some only RT tweets that contain their @TwitterHandle/name in them.  These people don’t take the time to RT anything having to do with someone else’s work or message, and if you peruse their timeline, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.  These people are self-serving and ONLY care about themselves.  Some might think, “Oh, they’re a great supporter because they’re RTing me…” but when you look a little closer, you’ll find that they weren’t supporting you at all, they were putting themselves out there.  I say again, take a look at their timeline and see if you can find any tweet or RT that’s not about them or doesn’t have their handle in it.   (And FYI, if I’ve supported those people, it wasn’t for long. I have a very keen eye for things like this, and I do take notice.  I have no desire to support those who are only out for themselves).

TAKE TIME TO ACTUALLY READ A TWEET OR CLICK A LINK BEFORE YOU RT IT.  Unless it’s someone I’m very familiar with on Twitter, I don’t just randomly RT people’s tweets that contain links.  As I’ve stated in a previous blog, I want to ensure that what I’m sharing with my little corner of the world, is positive and useful.  I don’t want to blindly RT a tweet that might be laced with hate or something that’s inciting hate.  So, take the time to actually “know” what you’re sharing with the world before you do.  It only takes a second.

TAKE THE TIME TO ACTUALLY SUPPORT THE EFFORTS OF OTHERS.  When my Twitter friends/peers share something with me asking for my support, I take a look at it and typically offer my support right away.  Going back to the above tip, ACTUALLY TAKE THE TIME TO READ WHAT OTHERS  ARE SHARING WITH YOU INSTEAD OF BEING SO QUICK TO HIT THE RT BUTTON.  Support is more than just retweeting.  Please remember that.

ESTABLISH AND NURTURE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS OFF-LINE, AS WELL AS ON.  I have a handful of Twitter friends that I talk to over the phone on a very regular basis.  I met each of these wonderful people on Twitter and we felt comfortable enough to take the connection off line.  We mail each other things (personal birthday cards as well as sharing our  marketing material, etc.) for the purpose of us to continually support one another.  Here In Louisiana, I am spreading the word about my author friends who live in Detroit, California, Florida, Oregon, Canada, Australia, etc.  If I hand out calling cards for my books, I hand out theirs as well.  And by the same token, my cards, bookmarks, etc. are being shared in those parts of the world.  These may be people you never lay eyes on in your life, but you have established and nurtured that “friendship” well beyond the internet and you can take comfort in knowing that the relationship is mutually beneficial.  Hence, you being a great supporter off-line as well as on.

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CORE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS/SUPPORTERS ON TWITTER SO THAT WHEN THEY’RE ABSENT FOR A WHILE, YOU CAN CHECK IN ON THEM.  I tend to know who’s not been very active in my circle of people on Twitter and if I notice that someone’s been pretty quiet for a time, I run over to their timeline to see the last time they tweeted and then I will ask if anyone’s seen them.  From there, I will continue to RT their professional (not personal) promos until they return.  (If you’d like to know why I mentioned “professional” promos, check out my blog WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU RETWEETING?!)

CONSTANTLY LOOK FOR WAYS TO SHOWCASE THE WORK OF OTHERS ON YOUR WEBSITES, YOUR BLOGS, IN YOUR OWN WORK:  If you’ve spent any amount of time on my blog here, you will notice that I have established all sorts of avenues to support my fellow authors.  There’s a BLOG TOUR SUPPORTERS list for those seeking hosts for blog tours, there’s a list of great reading material written by great authors, and so much more.  Under the acknowledgements page of my book, “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND,”  I list the Twitter handles of all my supportive Twitter and FB friends, as well as anyone who has supported me in any way.  WHY do these things, some have asked?  Well, when I first embarked on a blog tour, it was difficult to find others who were willing to host me.  Some said, “I only host my friends.” (Give me a break.  Are you kidding me?  Are we in 4th grade still where we only play with our special friends?).  OK, let me get back on track.  So, here are my reasons:   a) I wanted to take the struggle for other authors embarking on blog tours, out of having to find hosts, so I compiled a list of those that are known to host others, even those who aren’t their friends;  b)  On the GREAT READS BY GREAT AUTHORS list, I wanted ANOTHER forum to showcase the work of authors, and although I know there are many, this was just an added and very welcomed addition.  By the way, this list has about 40 authors listed to date and yet, it has been RTed over 2,000 times (are you on it yet?);  and c)  Listing the Twitter handles of those that have supported me and those who continually support me, shows the world that these are great people.  I then ask my readers to head over to Twitter to follow and show these people support, as well.

So, there you have it, people.  If you want to become a great supporter on and off social media…namely Twitter, start to implement the tips I’ve listed above and then you’ll be well on your way to being recognized as a GREAT SUPPORTER!

And remember…we’re all birds of a feather, so let’s flock and stick together!

Birds of a fleather pic

Before you leave, do you have any tips that you use to make yourself stand out as a great supporter on social media?  We could never have too many so please share.

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  1. Great post! Perfect for sharing… Thanks. 🙂


  2. I would like to recommend a Facebook equivalent for retweeting. If you have Liked or Friended an RRBC author on Facebook, you will also see that they made a post on their page(s). You can see it by clicking the “world” icon in the upper right hand corner (usually has numbers on it if there are new posts by your friends and you haven’t clicked on it to see them. If you click on their post, you can see the exact post. I recommend sharing that post as it is the equivalent to retweeting. It will show on your page and it can be seen by all your friends and/or followers. You can also see friend’s posts by clicking on the “Home” button in the top upper right hand of the screen. This shows the full posts but you have to scroll through a lot. I’m not sure how hashtags work in Facebook or if they do. Okay, they do work. I just did a search for #RRBC in the search bar and a bunch of RRBC posts came up. However it defaults to those with the most shares, comments, likes, etc. (top news). It’s not in latest post order. So that’s another way to find and support your fellow RRBC authors.


    1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

      I always learn something new from my fellow members. Thanks Kim for this timely information.


      1. You’re welcome, Shirley!


    2. And btw, if you go to the “Home” button on Facebook, you can change the feed to “Most Recent” which has a default of “Top Stories”. Just look to the left navigation for “News Feeds” and it has a drop down arrow. When you click on the drop down arrow, it has options of either “Top Stories” or “Most Recent”. I always set mine to “Most Recent” and I have to do this almost every day.


    3. Just thought of something else regarding Facebook about pinning posts. If you have a regular page, you can’t pin to the top but if you have an author’s page of Facebook, you can pin. Just an FYI. I have both.


  3. A wonderful post that everyone should read! Thanks for that 🙂


  4. Excellent article. Sounds like you are having a “working vacation” Nonnie.


  5. Reblogged this on Jackie Cartwright Author/Blogger and commented:
    Wise words be generous and considerate to fellow writers!


  6. The following are two areas that resonated more with me, areas I think I am lacking in: 1.ESTABLISH AND NURTURE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS OFF-LINE, AS WELL AS ON
    I will now begin to pay more attention to them.


    1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

      Joy I zeroed in on this tidbit as well.


  7. I notice my photo does not accompany my comment. How do I get it n the site?


    1. Hi Roger – I think you may need to look at your personal ‘Gravatar’ settings for WordPress. From memory I think you can choose which avatar displays for you when you comment on other WordPress sites & the one you’re currently using is an ‘abstract’ design – if you look through some of the other pages on here you’ll see that other abstract patterns for others. Yours is one of the palest I’ve seen though – usually they’re in much brighter/darker colours.
      There’s also a ‘cute monster’ setting and, of course, the classic photo avatar and probably others as well, which you can change on your Gravatar profile or on your own WordPress dashboard as and when you want 😀


      1. Thanks. I will consult a friend. It’s the only way for me. ((-:)


  8. I remember when I joined RRBC almost one year ago, I didn’t have a clue HOW to be a supportive member – other than to buy/read/review members’ books. I’ve learned a lot in the last twelve months, but these posts on SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY are taking my education to a new level! I’m so appreciative, Nonnie!! I use Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ as well, and I’m hopeful that some of our members who have more experience and expertise than I, will submit helpful blogs about those social platforms too! PLEASE!!


  9. Reblogged this on Jan Hawke INKorporated and commented:
    Great new page on Social Media and how to get the most out of it by the wonderfully industrious Nonnie Jules!


  10. Great ideas Nonnie – especially for those who’re new to Twitter and feel a little apprehensive or uncomfortable when starting out (this was me by the way!).

    For authors who want to get the most out of belonging to RRBC I say – plunge into the Twitter pool as soon as you can! 😀 This may be a review book club but if you’re prepared to do even a little more than the minimum purchase and review of 1 BoM and 3 other books per year, then you’re going to get so much more back in terms of support but, more importantly, you’ll find new friends in this community which will actually make tweeting and following blogs FUN – what have you got to lose? 😉


  11. Reblogged this on lightningbooksbyagmoye and commented:
    Support is the key to happy future


  12. A really powerful article. I could feel the emotion. Thank you.


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