SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – #RRBC STYLE! “What In The World Are You Retweeting?!” A Twitter Lesson

Sometimes, we need to stop and just think about what it is, we’re Retweeting.  This post is from

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Hello all!  Today is your lucky day! (again).  You get to hear me “rant” (albeit just a little)  about what you guys retweet.  Although this thought had been in my head for quite some time, two people popped up last week and said to ME: @nonniejules It’s nice that people RT and all, but these guys need to RT stuff regarding our books. That’s why we’re here, right? I mean, does the world really need to know that my other Twitter friend said “Good morning?”   (These two tweets were combined).

I often speak about SUPPORT and how important it is to show support of your peers/colleagues/friends, whatever you want to call them, but, it’s also very important that you show that support in a mindful manner.  To me that means a couple of things:

1)  When one of your Twitter friends has shared a link, or has posted something…

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  1. Good to have some words of caution on ‘automating’ yourself on Twitter, especially with follow-backs – I always have a little bit of time out when someone ‘cold’ follows me (so I’m not already following them – because they’ve joined RRBC for instance) and just click on their handle to find out WHY they’re following me – if I find out they’re in the follower generating business there’s no way I’m following them back. Ditto if their tagline doesn’t make it clear why they’ve chosen to follow me, because there’s not much or any common ground there.
    Twitter’s a very useful but seductive place and, like Nonnie says, it’s sensible to be selective in what you’re repeating and supporting and not RTing or Following ‘just because’ – choice is a powerful tool and can cut both ways remember! 😉


  2. This provides the best reason why we shouldn’t use auto-RTs! I love the formula idea too!! Thanks for the great tip, Nonnie!


  3. Great advice Nonnie. Says we should alway check what we are doing and cut out the robotic behavior. Well done.


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