SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – #RRBC STYLE! “Don’t You Have A Thought About Anything?” A Blog Post Lesson

Why do we all write?  Is it just so that we can see our thoughts on paper?  Are we so bored that we take to our keyboards to share all that’s on our minds, only to have the post met with ZERO comments?  OR, do we write for engagement and the enjoyment and enlightenment of others?

Dog researching on the computer

Millions of millions of millions of writers/bloggers/authors take to their keyboards daily to share their thoughts, tips, powerful information, news that we all can use, only to have it fall on deaf ears.  I say deaf ears, because although it’s obvious by the tweet shares and Retweets on Twitter or Facebook that the posts are being read, very few of us are taking the time to share a comment or our thoughts.  So, my question is this: “Why is it so hard to get some of you people to leave a comment on a blog post that you’ve read? DON’T YOU HAVE A THOUGHT ABOUT ANYTHING?”  

When you write, don’t you want others to read it?  When you write, don’t you wish that others would take the time to share their thoughts on your topic or just your writing itself?  When you write, don’t you wish that the visitors to your blog post would take just a moment to “engage?”  Yes, those are the three wishes of every writer/blogger/author.

I may not be able to reach many with this particular post, but, it is my hope that I am reaching the masses of the Rave Reviews Book Club members.  If you won’t take the time to engage with comments, etc. on another’s blog post, why would they take the time for yours?  Remember, do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

After writing this, I had a thought.  I know from previous experience of dealing with the takers of the world, that for you all to take a mere moment to help another (and, please know that when you engage on someone’s blog post with your comments, you are indeed helping them), you have to see that there is some benefit in it for you. (Rolling my eyes here).  So, let me help you out.  Here is a major  benefit to leaving comments on the blog posts of others:

*When you leave a comment on a blog post, at the end of that comment, you should leave your signature.  My signature (when I remember to leave it) typically looks like this:

Nonnie Jules

By leaving a comment, along with my signature, I am inviting the readers of that particular blog post to visit me on my own blogs!  Can I tell you that I have received numerous followers and visitors to my blogs by using this method?  Yes, I have!  Visitors have said to me “I saw your comment on (blogger’s) blog post and liked what you shared, so I decided to visit your site to read more of what you’ve written,” OR “Saw your links to your websites on another’s blog post and decided to stop by to check you out.”  Let me also share that I’ve picked up a few new readers by using this method, so the couple of minutes it took for me to leave a comment, along with my signature, was well worth it!

So, there you have it.  When you pass up the opportunity to share your comments on someone else’s blog post, and thereby passing up the opportunity to share the directions to your own house (links to your blogs or websites), you are also passing on an awesome marketing opportunity.

People, we’re all in this together, so why not take a quick moment to step up your support game just a tad bit more?  Take the time, make the time, to engage on the blog posts of others.  It will benefit that writer/blogger/author, and I can assure you, it will benefit you, too!


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  1. This is a regular part of my daily social media experience, seeing where I can help promote people/authors I am connected to. But thank you for the reminder to ESPECIALLY promote this and other GROUPS to which I belong.


  2. Reblogged this on Lizzie Chantree and commented:
    Great post by Nonnie. #RRBC


  3. Great post Nonnie. I always try to post a message to let the blogger know I have read thier post with interest. Plus it lets them know I have stopped by. I picked this tip up from another #RRBC member and have used it ever since!


  4. Great post. I had never thought of leaving a signature, but it sounds like an easy way to direct people back to your blog.
    Michelle James


  5. How can I not comment? Thank you for the reminder, Nonnie.


  6. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    Nonnie your thoughts about leaving comments on posts hits the nail right on the head. Its just another way of paying it forward. Thanks for the information.


  7. I have often wondered about why folks hit ‘like ” and that’s it. You have challenged all to think about reading and responding. The signature is a good idea as well.
    John http://www.


  8. reanolanmartin | Reply

    I’ve been on vacation and just starting to catch up on social media, which for any author is pretty overwhelming considering all the contact points. Sometimes I give a pass to fellow writers since our social output is already so heavy. I often wonder where all the readers are though, don’t you? Just people who read and don’t write. Or has everyone become an author? It’s a vast unregulated sea out there, and it never seems more confusing than when I’ve stepped away for awhile. I’ll try to be more vigilant about comments! Thanks, Nonnie!


  9. We’re all masters of our own time. If we spend it reading something that touches us and the means of reply is right in front of us then – RESPOND!
    Doing as you would be done by should be it’s own reward – it’s an attractive action to reach out. The worst that can happen is silence, but it can lead to so many new paths, ideas and FRIENDS! If you don’t join in then you can’t share anything at all – DO IT! 😉


  10. I keep forgetting the signature bit, to be honest. Of course, all one has to do to visit your blog/website is to click on your name next to the comment, so perhaps that’s OK.


  11. michaelbillington9 | Reply

    Well said Nonnie… I’ve been told that many times people don’t comment on blogs they’ve read because they’re staring down the barrel of a couple hundred emails a day and scrambling to keep up with their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, accounts. That’s probably true but, really, it only takes a couple of minutes to post a comment.
    Mike Billington


  12. I also meant to say that I’ve been very discourage about blogging in the past, wondering if it was even worth it due to no comments. It’s very disheartening especially when you take the time to write something. But then I looked at my stats and there were lots of visits. I try to be supportive and leave comments. It may not be very long but I like to leave something.

    Reblogging is another way to support another blogger. At least that way, even if you don’t leave a comment, at least they know you felt what they said was useful and reblogged it. Sometimes if I’m reading from somewhere besides home I don’t have time to comment or I don’t have my password. I’ve tried a number of times during a break at work to comment only to be hit with the password screen and then I forget when I get home to go back and leave something. I’ve been meaning to send my password information to work.


  13. Wise words, as always, Nonnie. Thanks for sharing.


  14. You know what Nonnie, I have always tried my best to leave comments on other’s blogs , but never left my signature. There again, I learned something. Thank you.


  15. Blog comments are the best. I always leave a calling card when I read a post. This is called a Gravitar. You place it by hitting the like button. It also appears if I leave a comment. I think the Gravitar is enough. Including links feels kind of spammy to me. Remember, I’m in your house, and it doesn’t feel right to promote myself here. Anyone, including visitors, can click on my Gravitar and I’ve found many new friends this way. Go ahead, click on the little inkwell. You know you want too.


    1. Hello, coldhandboyack! I beg to differ, there is nothing at all spammy about leaving your signature behind. Actually, it’s a great business practice, just like leaving your business card with someone. The process by which you tout, doesn’t always work. Everyone doesn’t have their Gravitars setup with useful information, and actually I would go so far to say, about 45% of blog users do. I, at times click on Gravitars of visitors when they leave a comment on our site and I get absolutely nothing.

      Signatures are the way to go! But, in all things, it’s a personal choice. What works for some, may not work for, or appeal to, others. But, in this instance, THE PROCESS I’VE SHARED, WORKS!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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      1. I’m sure it works. I’ll have to ponder it for a time. It may not be for me personally.


      2. You think about it, Craig. As I said, it’s a personal choice and what works for some, may not offer the same appeal to others.

        Best of luck!


  16. Anyone who wants to be on my blog is more than welcome. I’m not sure how to reblog someone’s else’s blog but I am willing to learn. When I can find blogs on Rave Review or any blog, I always leave a comment. My own blog gets a lot of hits but few comments and it annoys me because I go to other’s blog without fail and when I have a new post up, it goes automatically to the 77 followers I have–yet few comments which I do take offense at.


    1. Micki, this is the very reason I posted this blog. There are many in your boat. It’s truly baffling why people take the time to read blog posts, interesting ones at that, and never bother to leave a comment or share their thoughts. This is called engagement and it is truly necessary for us to engage and share these awesome posts with those in our parts of the world (our social media forums), so that we are bringing awareness to the blogger’s work. This is also called SUPPORT! Something that we are all about here at RRBC!

      Another thing, always end your blog post with a question…food for thought for the reader. Let’s see if that gets the party started a bit faster on your end.

      Thanks for stopping by, Micki!


      1. Thanks, Nonnie, I learn more in this group than I have in years–little things that make the difference. I finally found the search for #RRBC on twitter and spent a relaxing half hour retweeting. So nice at last to know where everybody is–now if I can just get into that chat room :).

        I am still annoyed that my sale is up on my blog without one comment, yet due to our groups retweets and one other site, my ranking dropped from 800,00+ to 20,000 +. Sad thing is it will creep right back up when the sale is over. Tough job, marketing.


  17. Once again you’ve called out the guilty, the thoughtless, and the lazy. I will do better to support my fellow bloggers. No commenters was one reason I stopped blogging regularly.


  18. Very interesting. I currently don’t blog as I have been nervous about starting something I wouldn’t have time for. I’ve only been published for just over a year, and my questions are: Should all authors blog? Is it a marketing necessity?


    1. Hi, Cheryl! In my opinion, blogging is definitely a marketing necessity in our business. You can’t put out great books as often as you can put out great blog posts, therefore, when you do blog and when you’re ready to release that next great read, you will have stored up a following of readers who will flock to get it! But, ensure that your writing is almost impeccable and your topics are of interest to readers.

      I say step out on faith and do it! Good luck!


  19. Excellent and logical point, Nonnie, I shall make a point of starting to make more comments.
    Thanks for taking the time to share this perspective. Hope you have a great weekend.


  20. Good lesson for all of us to learn. Thanks Nonnie!


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