#BoycottPaulBlake: A Book Cover Male Model Bullies Authors On Social Media

I don’t do much reblogging, but this is something I think we should be aware of, RRBC.

L. Anne Carrington

boycott paul blake

Before delving into my latest blog post, I want to thank New York Times and USA Today best selling author Harper Sloan for bringing up an important topic yesterday on Facebook. Be warned some subsequent comments are a bit raw, but considering the subject at hand, it’s easy to understand why so many fellow authors are angry.

I normally don’t get involved in “controversial” subjects, so to speak, but this is something close to my heart. Not only did I attempt suicide a few times in my late teens through my mid-30’s and been treated for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) since being diagnosed at age 21, but also battled with my weight long as I’ve existed on Earth.

I was on a good weight loss path until undergoing two total knee replacement surgeries in 2015, a complex and painful procedure from which one doesn’t recover overnight (it actually takes…

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6 responses

  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    Thanks NJ for the alert on Paul Blake. He even looks a little crazy with all those tatoos on his body…hideous!!


  2. harmonykentonline | Reply

    Thanks for reblogging, Nonnie. This is terrible and utterly unacceptable behaviour.


  3. Wow. Thank you for alerting us to this.


  4. Sadly , his terrible behavior is far from unique on social media. Well done for highlighting his unacceptable attitude and let’s hope the publicity hits him in his pocket!


  5. Wow. That kind of behavior is unacceptable. Thanks for making us aware.


  6. I reblogged the post, and I agree that this type of behavior should not be allowed to continue. This man has some real issues, and being fat was the least of his problems, if you ask me.


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