Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude at RRBC!

In honor of Governing Board Appreciation Month here at RRBC, there will be a special episode of ASPIRE TO INSPIRE on Monday, June 27,  where musings from our board members will be shared by host, Gwen Plano and her co-host, John W. Howell.

Author and “SPOTLIGHT” Author Co-ordinator, Rebecca Reilly, has written a post which needs to be shared in its entirety, therefore it is being posted here, for all to “take in.” I, Nonnie Jules, am only the author of the title and Yes, I Said It!


Attitude is everything. The amount of joy, or frustration, we feel each day largely depends on our outlook. For example, a trip to the grocery store can be an adventure, or drudgery, depending on our mindset. It has nothing to do with what we need to buy, or the condition of the store, or any other thing. The way we anticipate the excursion, our choice to enjoy the task or dread it, causes the level of pleasure or pain, in our experience.

I’ve found this to be true within the walls of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB. People join our highly supportive community with one of two attitudes:
Attitude Number One: I am joining RRBC to GET as much support as possible.
Attitude Number Two: I am joining RRBC to GIVE as much support as possible.

Let’s take the member with Attitude Number One. They are always on the lookout for their name to be chosen as a #PUSHTUESDAY Winner, or their book to be touted as the BOOK OF THE MONTH. Their time and energy is used trying to get more for themselves. Some go as far as emailing the leadership to complain or ask for special treatment. Their experience with RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB becomes a frustration. They may tweet and retweet in hopes of garnering the attention they desire, but their heart is not in it. They are too focused on GETTING the glory and they miss the true heart of RRBC.

Now let’s look at the RRBC member with Attitude Number Two. These people join the club to be part of a community. They want to meet authors. They desire to learn how to be supportive. They fill their Twitter feed and Facebook pages, promoting others. They thank those who promote them, and thus forge relationships. They put the RAVE WAVES shows on their calendar so they can tune in and support and thereby learning more about their fellow members. These members celebrate when other authors are chosen for the seats of honor, because those other authors are not strangers—they are friends. Members with Attitude Number Two are blessed by their experience with RAVE REVIEWS  BOOK CLUB, and their relationships with their fellow members. They do not worry about when they will be honored. It just happens because when you are supportive of others, your support is being noticed and noted.

The great thing about life is we have the power to choose our attitude. If you have been focused on “GETTING,” and frustrated with the results, try GIVING. Take your eyes off of yourself and put them firmly on your fellow members. You will enjoy the RAVE REVIEWS BOOKS CLUB experience so much more!


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  1. Variety is the spice of life and that goes for promotion of others talents as well as your own. We’re lucky to have such a wide spread of expertise and talent within RRBC to enjoy and broadcast to the world at large as well as within the community itself.
    Recently my blog was criticised for not having enough of ‘me’ in it – I actually took that as a compliment, because I choose to use my blog to review other people’s books and feature posts (like Pay it Forward) and re-blogging other writer (and readers) wonderful, or especially informative posts. My blog IS like me – it celebrates other people. When I have something to say about me, that goes on as well of course, but I’d soon run out of material with only 1 solo book (I use a pen name now for most of my work) and 2 anthology contributions to the name Jan Hawke and end up being pretty bored, just talking about/to myself! lol 🙂

    I leave attitude #1 for things that I have no interest in – things I don’t do much, or at all. If you embrace attitude #2 and fill your life with activities you enjoy, or truly want to commit to, then that task, however heavy, becomes a pleasure, not a dull and irksome chore. Accentuate the positive – you know it makes sense! 😀


  2. Well spoken, Nonnie. It is true that we carve out our priorities but life can get in the way with resposibilities, sickness, etc. I made a choice to commit to the best of my ability, which in my case meant putting RRBC first in promotion and mine second. In the beginning my promotion for myself dropped but I found that after a while, the promotion I gave to RRBC came back to me. So when I can’t do both, the club is promoting me for me. I kind of like that since it’s much more interesting doing the RRBC promo.


  3. Beautifully put, and said Rebecca! I stand with you in all your thoughts here. It is so true. Some of us joined #RRBC to get what they can from it, and not to give anything in return, and yes, they miss the spirit of what #RRBC stands for.


  4. karljmorgancom | Reply

    It’s all too easy to be caught up in the day-to-day hassle of survival. Often that leads folks to have a “them or me” attitude. Eventually, we all learn that way of thinking never works for long. You end up pushing away from you the people you want close. Nonnie, that’s a great post to help us remember that we are all in this journey together. Isn’t that way we write in the first place? We each have so much to share with the world. Pushing the world away is not going to garner any more interest in what we have to say.

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  5. Such words of wisdom for not just RRBC, but everything in life.

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  6. A great post. I have found so many wonderfully supportive members of RRBC and hope that others see my efforts on their behalf the same way. I love the networking, friendship and support of this club!

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  7. That is well said but does leave out the segment of members who have obligations in their lives which limit the amount of time they can spend on their author duties despite a desire to do so. Life does intervene, and for some it is hard to juggle the myriad tasks of an author so that all get equal time. Surely doing what you can counts, however little that may be.

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    1. Hi, P.J.! Thanks for stopping by. I must say, I can’t think of one member here who doesn’t have obligations in their lives which could possibly prohibit a lot of things. I, for one, have a HUGE life, but I think for the most part those who are truly supportive, carve out the time that they need to, to devote to their fellow members. I am a firm believer that people will do what they want to do…people will lend time to those things that are most important to them…that’s just the way people operate.

      I just wanted to bring clarity to the portion about the “segment of members who have obligations.” That speaks to the entire organization, I’m sure.

      Make it a great day, or not…the choice is always ours!


  8. Great post and a great attitude to hold about life in general!

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  9. Reblogged this on Writing and Music and commented:
    Think for a minute about your attitude. Are you only out for you? Sorry, friend, but that is called selfish and never EVER gains anything but frustration.


  10. What a great post! The world would be a better place if everyone had attitude number two in all matters.

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  11. Well said! It is true of everything in life that attitude is the key to success.

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