#RRBC, It’s Lonely at the Top …

You know, GOD has a way of making us take stock of our lives – even our time and how we are spending it.  Just today, I thought to myself, “Just as soon as Mar gets back from her vacation, I need to take a little hiatus myself.”  Well, just as soon as that thought entered my mind, it left…quickly.

How will the club manage without me?  How will ALL the million and one things that I do every day, get done?  Who’s going to make those hard and very important decisions that I have to make on a daily basis?  If not me, who?

Then, I opened my phone (to my Twitter account) and there was this article that was meant just for me to see.

Please, read on…


Man on top of mountain. Element of design.

Leaders need time for reflection and hard analytical work, just like everyone else.


Solitude has been instrumental to the effectiveness of leaders throughout history, but now, they (as with everyone else) are losing it with hardly any awareness of the fact. Before the Information Age – which one could call the Input Age – leaders naturally found solitude anytime they were physically alone, or walking from one place to another, or standing in a line.

Like a great wave that saturates everything in its path, hand-held devices deliver immeasurable quantities of information and entertainment, that now have virtually all of us instead staring down at our phones.  Society did not make a considered choice to surrender the bulk of its time for reflection in favor of time spent reading tweets or texts.

Yet, with an awareness of what we have lost, each of us can choose to reclaim it.  And leaders in particular – whose actions by definition affect not only themselves – have more than a choice.  They have an obligation.  A leader has a responsibility to seek out periods of solitude.

The assumption, unless the leader says otherwise, is that he is constantly accessible – if not in person, then electronically.  But the task of changing that assumption requires only an act of will.  A leader can designate a certain number of workdays each month as no-meeting days, as Endgame CEO, Nate Fick does.  A leader can mark off 60 or 90 minutes each day for time to think.  A leader can make it known that he does not text or check his email only intermittently or at certain points in the day.  (One has to wonder what leaders who make a point of responding to email within minutes, are otherwise doing with their time.)  A leader can declare weekends off-limits for work email, as Wendy Kopp did at Teach for America.

There is a price to be paid for changes like these. Email will go unanswered for hours rather than minutes, subordinates might have to wait 60 minutes to speak to the boss, and meetings might get pushed back a day.

So be it.  Scheduling a leader’s time is a zero-sum game, and fundamentally a manager must decide whether reflection and hard analytical work are important enough to warrant perhaps a third of his time.

There is another price for changes like these, namely the usual social levy upon nonconformity.  Left unexplained, these changes will lead others to say the leader is arrogant, aloof, unapproachable.  But there is a reason to leave the reasons for solitude unexplained.  The leader can simply make clear, in as much or as little detail as he sees fit, that doing the organization’s work requires time to think.

And he can bear out that explanation during the times when he is accessible – by providing subordinates with clear comments on their work rather than vague ones, thoughtful answers rather than platitudes, and otherwise performing like a leader who has thought through his guiding principles rather than made them up on the fly.

(This article taken from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL)


RRBC, if we are to continue to grow as we have in years past, I need time away.  My job is a HUGE one here, and although I am not complaining, I’d like the time away to regroup so that I can do my job better (just as you all get time away to regroup)…and when I’m doing my job better, when I’m at the top of my game, we all benefit from that.

So, it won’t be today, maybe not even tomorrow, but sometime soon, I will be taking a much-needed rest or mini vacation.  It will only be for a week, and, I’ll probably still work during that time, but at least I won’t feel so bad when I turn on my computer to write and ignore the hundreds of email that have popped into my email box within minutes of my waking.

I also hope that during my short time away, that all of my wonderful RRBC family members will continue to do what they would normally do when I’m present – supporting each other, lifting each other up, recruiting, engaging, welcoming, and don’t forget, leaving honest reviews…all in all, just playing nice, so that those standing in my stead won’t have so much to deal with in my absence.

I hope you all have enjoyed this “peace.”  I sure did. 😉


26 responses

  1. I didn’t realize how important time away was, until I broke my ankle and ended up with surgery and four months in rehab. (not a cry for sympathy) I was on pain killers and asleep half the time, so I got no work done. A few books read, lots of DVD’s watched, but outside of that R & R. Yes, I would have preferred to have spent the R & R relaxing with my books, (mine and others) time playing with my horse, Dixie, singing with my choir, but alas God had other things in store. My brain needed R & R. I just needed my ankle to wake me up.
    I hope you had a great vacation, and if you haven’t taken it yet, you will have a great vacation.
    You take care of you.

    Patricia A. Guthrie (anniecollie, patguth)


  2. I just came back from my own vacation and can fully relate to this blog. You deserve a break, Nonnie. It is essential for all of us to detach from society and reattach with our inner selves. Good for you for recognizing that and embracing it! 🙂


  3. We’re all entitled to ‘time out’, to rest and rebalance. It’s true that ‘all work and no play (time off) makes Jack a dull chap ‘ – not to mention pretty tired, grumpy and pulled about… 😉
    Enjoy your break, Nonnie! Do what you have to recharge and to get that sparkle back, so you come back revived and refreshed!
    If I’ve been scarce recently, it’s because my internet access has been cutting out – it’s surprising and really thought-provoking what useful and fun work you can get through when you’re NOT online the whole time! 😀

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  4. reanolanmartin | Reply

    Always take the time you need! xo


  5. This is a great blog Nonnie! I know what you mean. Some days…. WE all love and appreciate what you have created. Everyone needs time. Take it. We can never get back those hours, those days. Hugs.


  6. Take care and enjoy a well earned break, Nonnie. I find that those moments of solitude help recharge my soul. 🐨 (HUGS)

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  7. ❤️ All will be well and you’ll return with more awesomeness!

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  8. This is lovely to hear, Nonnie! Enjoy solitude, it’s the guardian of the soul.

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  9. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    You can believe that RRBC will carry on just as it has. You need your vacation and we expect you to take one. I would make it 2 weeks, but you might become anxious and that would dampen your time off. We love and care about you and that amazing mind of yours. Be good to yourself! (lol)

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  10. Please take your time off and do not worry about the club. We will miss you, but we will manage fine. I cannot imagine how hard you work and your long hours. Now take care of yourself and you will be back rejuvenated.

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  11. Dear Nonnie, You must have time for reflection. So, I can’t imagine anyone not agreeing to that. A few years ago my husband had a serious accident and much of the work of our family business fell on me. On top of that, I didn’t trust anyone to do the job of banking, VAT returns and bringing books to Trial Balance other than myself. It was a crazy time and when I took the files to the auditor’s secretary – finally – this grey-haired old lady well in her seventies – gave me a sympathetic look and said, ‘My dear, you look exhausted. If you don’t take a break rather sooner than later, you’ll be six ft under the ground and then someone else will take over this work and you’ll not be able to do anything about it. Take a break, then you’ll be more effective.’ Her name was Madelein, hence I use her name in one of my emails to remind me to take a break – no grandchildren for the weekend or handling problems. Just be by myself to think, or read . . . 🤓

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  12. Vacations and time away are necessary, Nonnie. Burnout is detrimental to both mental and physical health. Take a break and enjoy!

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  13. Excellent article, Nonnie! Solitude is essential to personal well-being and leadership. Please take time away and also set aside “me” time every day to regroup, breathe deeply, and savor life in all its wonder. We’ll keep RRBC afloat – you’ve taught us well. Blessings!


  14. Oh, Nonnie, of course you need time away. Haven’t we ALL been telling you those words? But, I’m glad God sent the words you needed to allow yourself this. It will be great for the club and you will get refreshed and re-charged. Even Wonder Woman needs some down time. This post made me smile. We all love you and we love the club and we will continue to operate and forward its mission while you give this gift to yourself. Big hugs!

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  15. A true leader Nonnie! Setting a good example for others; being the change we wish to see in the world.
    Sounds lovely….ENJOY enjoy enjoy! Safe travels, wherever you decide to take a little rest to recharge. So important.


  16. Good day Nonnie. I hope you are doing well today. I am so thrilled to know that you have finally decided to take a well-deserved break. You need not make any excuses at all. You need a break, you take the break. Remember, the world will continue to rotate whether we are here or not. For this reason, alone, you should have a schedule that shows everyone when you are on break. At those times, everyone will know that you are on break, and no one WILL disturb you.
    Please take that break! We will be fine. 😀


  17. Yes, yes, yes! I’ve been saying for ages you need some rest, so I’m thrilled to see you’re finally allowing yourself some much-needed time off. Even Wonder Woman deserves a break!

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  18. I believe the process of leading takes its toll. The idea of finding the time to refresh is one all of the club members should embrace. The Wall Street article segment has summed up the need for rest nicely. Here’s hoping you will set time aside for yourself. You certainly have earned that right.

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  19. I hope you have time to get away Nonnie. Time just to spend alone and recharge. So important to have that time to nurture yourself and to listen to direction without the ‘noise.’ Take care!

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  20. Nonnie, this is long overdue. So glad to see you realize that even Wonder Woman needs a break to rekindle body, mind and soul. You, the club and all of us will benefit . I know that when I am really sick, I take a few days to just rest and relax, and do what I can in bed on my tablet from where I am writing this. Otherwise I would burn out fast. You have set this great organization up to run itself under the watchful eyes of your trained team, so you definitely have earned a hiatus and the right to live a normal life for a while. Please wait till the hurricane Cindy passes! 😉

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    1. Thanks, Micki…it is long overdue, as I’m so exhausted lately. Thanks for your kind words. And, I promise to wait until Tropical Storm Cindy passes…but, then again, isn’t that the best time to try and sleep? LOL

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      1. LOL Yes, my favorite time to grab a nab is during a thunder storm

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        1. A NAP even. Lyme has control of my eyes today

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  21. I am a huge fan of solitude! That was a great article to run across– with so much wisdom. I’m glad you are planning some “You” time! Much deserved!

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