Here for the Wrong Reasons; Forgetting The Hand that Fed Ya and Learning Lessons the Hard Way! – #RRBC

Happy New Year, RRBC!  We have some exciting things planned for our membership this year and we want you all along for the ride!  But, I just had to take a moment to start the new year off just perfectly by sharing a few, but very necessary bits of information.

Nothing bugs me more than allowing a driver who has been waiting to merge into traffic forever, to get in front of me, only to have them speed along without so much as a hand raise, a head nod or anything.  Then, after that, nothing cooks my goose faster than when I hold the door open for someone and they don’t even hiss a thank you or a smile in my direction.  Talk about rude.  Talk about UNGRATEFUL!


Which brings me to today’s “share.”

*We have members who we see only when there is something going on that will benefit them.  They join in on programs or activities that will bring attention to their books, and when it’s all over, we wonder where they’ve disappeared to.  Eventually, we wisen up and realize that we’ll see them the next time there’s an opportunity for them to promote their books.  RRBC is a community of support, so if you’re not here to support and push your fellow members just as much and as hard as you push yourself, then you’re here for the wrong reasons;

*RRBC has built so many members up, given them a platform and have brought much attention to many, Many, MANY authors and their books.  What we have found is that those (disingenuous) members that we build up, take what they need from us, and then, they move on.  They don’t stick around to ensure that others are built up;  they get what they can for themselves and then wave and yell out the window, “Ciao!”  If you’re here only to make a name for yourself off the sweat of our backs and then, once everyone knows your name and all about your books and of course, you’ve grown your following (thanks to RRBC), and you then decide to leave…you were here for the wrong reasons;

*If you’re here just to learn our methods and processes so that you can go off and create your own club or group modeling our methods and processes, please, leave now, because you are definitely here for the wrong reasons.  You see, my brain works overtime to ensure that RRBC has some of the most unique programs around.  I’m certainly not doing it for you to steal my ideas.  (And, just as an FYI, every time one of our loyal members notices that someone, somewhere has “copied” our programs or processes, they drop me a little line and say, “Take a look at thisHow dare they!”  So, don’t think that what you’re doing is going un-noticed and our loyal members, they don’t appreciate your (tacky) tactics at all);

*Lastly, for those of you who keep your name on our roster for the sole benefit of being able to promote your ventures of like nature here, using our hashtags, etc., that’s not what we’re about.  If you don’t take the time to engage and participate in the programs here at RRBC, please don’t use our forum to promote your own programs and ventures (and groups) to our members.  I find that highly insulting.

You know, as a young child I was taught to never, ever, ever burn any bridges or forget the hand that fed me, or even worse, turn around one day and bite that hand.  You never know when you might need that very bridge to cross over into something greater, and that hand that you bite, well, you might be hungry again one day.  Yes, we’ve had members to leave and then return once that realization sunk in.  But, you can be sure that the only reason their names reappeared on our roster, is that they left in a respectful and decent manner.  They didn’t burn their bridges.


And then, there are those who are just ungrateful.  Ungrateful for the attention and the exposure that RRBC has given them.  Ungrateful for the fact that RRBC was the reason that their books are now being read and are known; ungrateful for the hard work put into helping them to have a name that anyone knows.

It seems that so many others were not taught the same lessons that I was about burning bridges and feeding hands.   And, unfortunately because of that, they’ll have to learn two new lessons:

-the same people you see going up, will be the same people you see coming down.


-the hands that you step on today to get to the top, might be attached to the arms you’ll need to lift you tomorrow.

RRBC, don’t sit on our roster for the wrong reasons and please, don’t ever forget the hands that fed you, because if you do…one day, there will be lessons to be learned, and they might just come the hard way.

Happy New Year!!!

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35 responses

  1. Your comments really struck a chord with me. I have been a member of RBBC for two years, although it doesn’t seem that long. To start with, I was very enthusiastic. I bought and read the books of other authors. I tweeted about them, filed reviews on Amazon, but then I became disheartened, because as you said, there seemed to be a lot of people who expected to be read and promoted and did not reciprocate. I am not talking about review swaps, because Amazon really dislike that.

    Given that you wrote this post a while back, perhaps it would be good to re-issue a step by step guide about how it should work, from making sure you have other members’ Twitter handles, to ensuring a blog is know to other members. I recall that the information is in the membership documents, but there was a lot to follow. Is that putting people off full participation? When I first joined, I was working full-time as well as writing/promoting my books. So perhaps people need an “RRBC Slim” and an “If you have more time” versions.

    My other point is a plea. When you have things like Rave Waves etc, please can we have more than a few hours notice. I was more often unable to participate because of aforementioned full-time job. If I knew the day before, I could make arrangements.

    Keep up the good work.

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  2. Amen.
    I’ve seen the same things as others here shared. It’s the same people who seem to do all the promoting,
    contents, reviewing and all the work. Bless their hearts. I couldn’t put it better than Nonnie:
    “My message and my stance on this subject will never change, whether we have 500 on our roster or 50. We’re looking for like-minded individuals to join us and reside here…those that understand that for us all to succeed and grow, we have to wash each other’s back….” Personally, for all the books read and reviews given, I received a small portion in return. That’s sad and discouraging.
    Okay, back to work.


  3. A Nonnie’s “jewel” if I’ve ever seen one!

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  4. Reblogged this on Room With Books and commented:
    This is another of Nonnie “jewels” that deserves to be seen, again and again!

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  5. D.L Finn, Author | Reply

    Awesome post and a reminder of what our club represents. I completely agree we need to support each other! Since I have been a member the support has surpassed any expectations I started with. I feel like I have found my writing family. Thanks:)

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  6. Love you all! Your support is amazing. It’s home… You all work tirelessly to make it fun and interesting. Before I dropped into this, I just left a note on Jan Sikes twitter page, I’m in the middle of The Convict and the Rose! Wow! I love it and I wanted her to know. Way to go Jan! Will leave reviews everywhere when I finish. As to the comments above, I too published 4 books/novellas last year and have another novella next week, but I still get in there almost every day and tweet my sweet little butt off in support of the best author group out there!

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  7. Happy New Year!! Ha, ha! Seriously, we’re definitely on the same page, Nonnie. I believe joining the RRBC has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my writing career. I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from you and the RRBC members. I try very hard to ensure that I do my part to help fellow members and to also help grow the RRBC brand. I am happy to do it. I am also thankful for all the hard work you do and for the hard work that the volunteer staff puts in also. To be honest though, it is a bit frustrating when certain people don’t bother to follow you on Twitter (or anywhere else) even when you’re constantly tweeting, retweeting, sharing, googling, and pinning their books and blogs and supporting them in every way. What kind of person thinks it’s okay or feels entitled to receive, receive and receive, while never ever giving back? I don’t understand. Anyway, those are just a handful of people. For the most part, I am very happy and satisfied with my RRBC family. And I do wish everyone a very happy, healthy and successful new year. ❤ xx

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  8. Great reminders for a successful New Year with #RRBC. I enjoyed the post and comments and want to thank #RRBC and its faithful members who continue to support their fellow authorsin so many ways. For those out there looking for the best book club to join/renew with in 2018, Rave Reviews Book Club is a place where you’ll meet great new friends, find awesome new reads and get the support you deserve when you support others. Come join us!

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  9. Now, THIS post is exactly why I’m proud to be a member of the RRBC family!

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    1. So sweet of you to say, Soooz! Thanks!

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  10. Hi, Nonnie,

    Don’t know where I stand in all you mention in your post, but I am doing what I can, tweeting, retweeting, following blog posts, buying members’ books, and reviewing them. Some bloggers submit so many in a day and every day it’s difficult to stay up with them.

    I’m also trying to finish my fifteenth book. If my efforts are falling short of where you think they should be, let me know.

    I understand the clear message of your post and agree with that message. There most definitely should be ‘pay it forward’ efforts by everyone in RRBC and RWISA. I’m envious of the energy some of our members have and wish I could do more.

    One last thought … I thought that I had followed everyone on our lists and perhaps I have not. I’ll go back over the lists. Some don’t follow back, but there might be good reasons why they do not.

    Best wishes,

    Billy Ray – E-mail – Website – Blogsite

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  11. It took me a long time to click ‘like’ on this post. Yes, I retweeted it immediately, but I didn’t like that on top of all you do to keep RRBC moving forward, you had to remind professionals to behave professionally. I’ve said it before, this club could be so much more if we’d all get behind each other. Thanks for the guts to tell it like it is no matter how much it stings.

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  12. This is true of many members, but we also have members that work tirelessly for this club, which keeps it humming and forms strong friendship and support. True to my nature , I feel so guilty that I got so sick that I am behind in my reviews. And now I am suffering from not being able to swallow solid food or even water at times. The lyme may have caused it or more likely the meds I have to take. So I am only promoting RRBC, with tweets, blog comments, etc. and not promoting myself because I can’t handle both right now. I am proud and blessed to report that my RRBC friends are promoting me, which is an example of the character of so many of our members. These acts of kindness will never be forgotten and when I am well, I will make it up to you all. Thanks for having me as a part of this incredible club.

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    1. Micki, take care of you and get better 🙂

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    2. Thanks for your support, Micki!

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    3. I wish you a speedy recovery, Micki! Thank you for showing up to all the “Spotlight” tour stops and leaving such delightful comments and also for tweeting and retweeting. I appreciate you! Now, take care of yourself, so that you can get better soon. ❤

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  13. Hi Nonnie. That was a great post! We can always count on you to pull no punches. 😃

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    1. Hi, Rhani! Nope, I like to tell it as I see it and that is in the most honest fashion there is. I’m not one to bite my tongue, as I wrote in my book SUGARCOATIN’, that crap hurts so, I don’t do it.

      But, let me tell you what will happen, those who are offended by this post will more than likely be guilty of this post. Many of our “loyal and hard-working-for-RRBC” members voice their displeasure to me quite often about the fact that there are so many of us on the roster, yet only the usual few of us who truly embody and appreciate the mission and the goals of this club and work hard to sustain it. That’s not fair to all of us who bust our hineys for EVERYONE on the roster, whether they’re giving support or not. We’re all busy and we’re all dealing with something or another. Heck, in the past 12 months, I lost 4 family members, but, I never wavered in what I needed to do.

      I’m not saying that everyone needs to operate as I do, I’m just pointing out the fact that at some point, we have to stop using those excuses and treat others as we want to be treated.

      Thanks, Rhani, for chiming in!

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  14. Hi Nonnie, I got an email yesterday from someone on another club you don’t like mentioned. I sent him this:

    This is Joy Lo-Bamijoko. Thank you so much for your email. You are
    right! I read and review a lot. I write too. I have published three
    books so far. Here are their links:

    Legend go the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies: Legend of the Walking Dead

    Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women: Mirror of Our Lives:
    Voices of Four Igbo Wome=E2=80=A6 =
    , and
    last but not the least,

    Pregnant Future: Pregnant Future: No One Knows What Tomorrow W=E2=80=A6

    I read and review a lot because I belong to this group, The Rave Reviews
    Book Club (RRBC). You can find us here:
    . The requirement for joining this group is that
    we must read and review each others books, at least four books every
    year. I exceed that of course. This is because I love to read and write.
    In my group, the prize for the one who read the most books bears my
    name. That’s how much I read. In my first year in this group, I
    read and reviewed more than one hundred books. My fellow members don’t read my books as much as I read theirs but that doesn’t
    deter me.

    I am giving you all this information because I would like you to join
    our club, where you read and review other authors, and you are read and
    reviewed by more than 500 members. Right now, I read only books by the
    RRBC members. This is first, to maintain my lead, and keep my name as
    the one who have read the most books. You will not regret joining us and
    reading and reviewing others as we read and review you. Let me know what
    you think.

    Yours truly,

    Joy Lo-Bamijoko

    And he sent me this:

    Hi Joy,

    So very nice to meet you and I love meeting other authors.

    Would you be disappointed in me if I were to admit that I don’t have much time to read these days. I’m on a deadline to finish my third HAIL book and besides that I have a full time job and a full time business. Oh… an my family likes to see me every now and then, but mostly when I’m cleaning or fixing something.

    Anyway, please feel free to share my free offer of Hail Storm with your group and thanks for thinking of me.



    This is just to support what you have said.

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    1. Joy, good for you! Notice his response: “I don’t have time to read your book but I still want you to read and promote mine.” That’s the thought process that cooks my goose!

      Your response was perfect!

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      1. I know, Nonnie! We have many like him in RRBC for sure!

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  15. Nonnie, this post tells it like it is, pulling no punches. You are so right about burning bridges and biting the hand that feeds you. I think of it in terms of Karma. You reap what you sow. I hope every member of RRBC will take time to read and understand this post.

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    1. Thanks, Jan! No, as I shared with Rhani, I’m just saying what the rest of us hard-working and dedicated members of RRBC are thinking (and voicing to me privately). If folks don’t know by now that I am direct and like to share what, to me, should make you take a hard look at what you are doing or not doing in regards to being fair here, then, they’re either brand new or just don’t care. My message and my stance on this subject will never change, whether we have 500 on our roster or 50. We’re looking for like-minded individuals to join us and reside here…those that understand that for us all to succeed and grow, we have to wash each other’s back, as they say…we have to take care of each other. Until they get that message, then, I guess they’ll be offended by my blog posts.

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  16. Verwayne Greenhoe | Reply

    I am new here, but I try to #RT as many posts as possible when I see the #RRBC tag and I have a number of members that #RT my stuff when I use the #RRBC tag. I’ve been welcomed by a lot of people here and I’ve tried to say “Thank you!” when I can. I’m learning the various things like #PushTuesday and am working to participate every week now. I’ve founda number of people here that have become steady ‘friends’ and I enjoy the platform!

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    1. Verwayne, we are so happy to have you here! You’ve turned out to be a “jule” already! Thanks for dropping by!

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      1. Verwayne Greenhoe | Reply

        Thank you! I’m trying to rally some other writers I know from FB to join.

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        1. Good for you, Verwayne! Thank you!

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      2. Verwayne, I haven’t been able to find you, but wanted to thank you for one of the best reviews of my book, . . .And the Whippoorwill Sang. You really ‘got’ the message the book was written to send and impact upon readers.

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        1. Verwayne Greenhoe | Reply

          You are most welcome Micki. While my medical stuff was as a paramedic and then an ER RN, my wife was an OB RN for 44 years. There times I would comfort her, especially after a known still born delivery and there were times she would comfort me, especially after losing a child in an accident. Most people consider the OB department as all smiles and happiness. I know better.

          I delivered a lot of babies in the field and I delivered both my son and daughter at the hospital. Neither the ER nor the OB department are places for the weak of heart. My wife was a natural when it came to helping position a mother to be to help bring about a normal delivery. Once a baby was delivered, she would hold them and sing to them and tell them what lay ahead of them, wishing them lots of love and happiness and a long life.

          She was a wonderful nurse and a wonderful mother to our children. We were married over 43 years before she left us after a having a stroke while in the surgical suite during a C-Section. She was also a wonderful wife and I was lucky to have known her.

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          1. Your dear lady sounds to be the kind of woman I would have been so proud to call a friend. I’m saddened by your loss, whilst being thankful that you have such marvelous memories to warm you on even the darkest of days.


          2. Verwayne, I am so sorry for your loss. I know that words don’t mean much but they are all we seem to have in situations of sudden loss. It’s is wonderful that the two of you could work together in a field you both loved and share your good and bad times. It would make a powerful memoir when you feel ready. I had some scary times delivering some of my six kids as you know from the book. I could have used someone like your beloved wife in times of near death for me and the baby. I can’t think of a more fulfilling job than bringing life into the world and saving lives the way the two of you did for so many years. And those she lost surely welcomed her into Heaven’s realms.

            Micki XX


    2. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

      Hi NJ!

      Your message of what this club is about is timely. Sometimes we need to be reminded, and remain vigilant to what is going on at all times.

      Thank you.

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      1. Thanks, Shirley! Reminders are good, aren’t they? 🙂

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        1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

          Yes they are Nonnie. I’ve been seeing some strange stuff going on around the internet since you started RRBC. And like Joy said, folks will try and get me to read and review their books, and when I try to explain to them the benefits of the club, they say thank you, I’ll check into it; or don’t have the time but feel free to read mine anyway.

          They are looking for a free ride without giving because they don’t understand that concept.

          Have a good day NJ.

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