RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB has established itself as an elite group of Authors and Readers.  Unlike some other forums where you might experience negativity, rudeness and childlike behavior,  THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR is not allowed within the confines of RRBC.  Furthermore, our members are expected to behave like the adults we all are, being respectful of others at all times.  We are here to support, encourage and uplift one another, therefore, we have established our own CODE OF CONDUCT which we expect each and every member to adhere to:

1)  DO NOT post any negativity in any comments section of the Rave Reviews Book Club site.  If you do, you will not be allowed to post any further comments here.  Depending upon the nature and severity of the comments, your membership may be revoked by the club.

2)  DO NOT make any disparaging remarks about Rave Reviews Book Club and/or its Governing Board Members {in relation to this club} in this, or any public forum.  If you feel negatively in regards to anything about Rave Reviews Book Club, then we ask that you cancel your membership and sever all ties with this club.  Subsequently, if you have an issue or concern which you would like to discuss with our Governing Board, in a calm, rational and professional manner, you may CONTACT US  and give us the opportunity to make right, that which you consider as wrong.  It reflects poorly upon any individual who does commit such an offense, yet they continue to align themselves with said organization.  If such behavior is brought to our attention, your membership may be revoked by the club.

3)  NO MATTER THE FORUM, email included, any unprofessional behavior by an RRBC member, will not be tolerated.  This includes, but is not limited to:  personal attacks of an author in reviews, revenge reviews, public denouncement, harassment or indecency of words of any kind, etc.  We feel that if someone is behaving poorly in other forums, they will eventually resort to such behavior in our forum.  Every member of the Rave Reviews Book Club is expected to treat others with respect, and in a supportive manner at all times.  Let us be clear: WE ALWAYS ENCOURAGE HONEST REVIEWS, even if those reviews are low reviews, BUT, we do ask in your language of those reviews of fellow members, that you are not causing public humiliation or embarrassment.  We do not want to ever discourage someone from realizing their dreams as a writer.  What we do seek to do here, is encourage and offer assistance so that those who are in need, are able to grow and become better.   If such behavior is brought to our attention, your membership may be revoked by the club. On a final note, we’d also like to remind anyone living in a glass house, you should be careful not to throw stones.

4)  DO NOT use the #RaveReviewsBookClub, #RAVEREVIEWSBOOKCLUB, or #RRBC hashtags to promote any books, authors or entities who are not RRBC members.  This is a direct insult to those members whose names appear on our roster AND those members who take time to support their fellow members.   If you are specifically on a blog tour on a non-member’s site, the club’s hashtags may not be used, but you are welcome to visit our online Twitter roster and include the member’s Twitter handles in your tweets.  We do want to support you all over the place, but we must do so within the confines of the established rules of the club.   Abuse in this manner is cause for your membership to be revoked by the club.

5)  DO NOT use the #PUSHTUESDAY hashtag to promote anyone other than #PUSHTUESDAY winners.  Also, please do not use any of the club’s event-specific hashtags to promote anything other than that specific event, or the members who were, or are being promoted via those channels (i.e. #RRBCBuyTheBook, #RRBCBehindThePen, etc.)

6)  If you would like to promote your blog or website on the RRBC site by having it listed on our APPROVED BLOGS & WEBSITES page where it will garner much attention and new followers,  you must first submit your blog URL to so that we may vet and ensure that its contents are in line with our beliefs and processes.  This process allows us to ensure there is no content or material which our members might find offensive on any sites we are promoting.

Please be aware that even if you are using the club’s hashtags on social media with invitations to your blog, your blog and/or website may not have any type of invitation to join any club or organizations that are clearly operating in similar fashion to Rave Reviews Book Club, and the content must be primarily promoting books and the writing process. We will have checks of the blogs on our “cleared” list to ensure that they are remaining in compliance with this rule, as well as checks of those using the hashtags. If they are found to not be compliant, the offending blog and/or website will be removed from the APPROVED BLOGS & WEBSITES page, and the member will be asked to cease using the hashtags in the promotion of said blog or website. Abuse and disregard of this rule is cause for your membership to be revoked by the club.

7) Please refrain from using the club’s hashtags to make any type of political or social statements no matter how popular the issue might be. If you are promoting a post on your APPROVED BLOG OR WEBSITE which contains content of this nature, then it is OK to promote your blog, just as long as your views are not deemed by the RRBC Governing Board as detrimental or harmful to any race, religion or gender. What we are trying to avoid is the use of the club’s hashtags in tweets which are making direct and specific statements about political or social issues. This would also include images which depict such issues.

8)  Please refrain from using the club’s hashtags in order to promote any event or other engagement which is not directly affiliated with the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB.

9)  REVIEW SWAPPING is “strongly” discouraged here at Rave Reviews Book Club and against our policy.  You may not approach a member and ask if they would like to engage in a review “swap.”  Review swapping also comes in the form of a member deciding to review another member’s book solely based on the fact that their book was reviewed and given a high mark by said member.  Amazon frowns on such practices and will, whether randomly and/or at their discretion, remove reviews they feel are of this nature.  If it is brought to our attention that you are engaging or operating in this manner, your membership may be revoked by the club.

10) If any member of the Rave Reviews Book Club is found to be engaging in the formation, serves as an officer, or holds any position of service of any organization or entity which our Governing Board deems as operating in similar fashion to RRBC (book clubs, groups formed specifically for book reviews, etc.), or, are found to be duplicating the programs of RRBC in any similar fashion, they will not be allowed the following courtesies, privileges and perks of the club:

a) Will not be allowed to post anything other than the posting of their performed book reviews;
b) Will not be allowed to hold a seat in the RRBC house;
c) Will not be allowed to serve as a Blog Tour Host;
d) Will not be allowed to serve on any team within the club;
e) Will not be allowed to advertise any promotion in our BWCU which directs to their website. Links to their books on Amazon, B&N are allowed;
f) Will not be allowed to have their blogs or Facebook pages listed on the RRBC site, along with any other privileges which may not be listed at this time.

Depending on the nature of the offense, your membership may be revoked by the club.

11) Our Governing Board members are not paid employees of RRBC, they are volunteers with extremely kind hearts who give of their time and resources to make a better club for you, our members. Because of this, we ask that all your communication with our Board and other TEAM Members are respectful, kind and non-confrontational in tone or mannerRudeness of any kind will not be tolerated and if your communication is flagged as such more than once, your membership may be revoked by the club.  Any communication sent to any of our Governing Board or TEAM members deemed as threatening and physically harmful, or damaging to one’s reputation, will be grounds for immediate termination of membership.

12)  Although we encourage support across the board, it is against our policy to solicit our members to engage or join any forum which might house a catalog of books written by authors who are not RRBC members.  Our members join RRBC so that their books are able to be pushed and promoted by our membership, therefore, if there are those who join RRBC for the purpose of soliciting our members to purchase, read and review books from authors who are non-members, thereby taking away their support, we find that offensive and unfair to our member-authors.  If it is brought to our attention that you are engaging or operating in this manner, your membership may be revoked by the club.

13)  DO NOT share or give access to anyone not on our roster or no-longer on our roster to any of the forums which are password protected and deemed as MEMBERS ONLY.  If it is brought to our attention that you are guilty of this, your membership will be immediately revoked by the club.

14) It is against our policy for Board Members to engage in DMs on Twitter or private messages on Facebook with our members. If you reach out to them in this manner and get no response, this is why. If you need to reach out to any member of our Governing Board, please visit our CONTACT US page to do so.

If any member is aware of any other member in violation of either of these CODES OF CONDUCT, please immediately report the violation via our CONTACT US form. Your identity will remain anonymous. We will only act on reported matters that we are able to verify.

{It is an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to be a member of Rave Reviews Book Club and we expect that each and every one of our members,  respect that honor and privilege which they have been granted.  Rave Reviews Book Club is not some mom & pop organization.  It is obvious in the success our supportive members have garnered since they have joined us, that we are a force to be reckoned with in the writing and publishing industry and that ANYONE aligned with us and following our guidelines is sure to be PROPELLED via book sales, book reviews, and name recognition!}

If at any time membership is revoked, there will be no refund of membership fees paid!

22 responses

  1. It’s always good to take a refresher on the CODE OF CONDUCT! It helps prevent innocent mistakes that can hurt others and the club.


    1. This was a good reminder. Some of the information were rules I wasn’t aware of. Thank you.


  2. A review of the Code of Conduct is in order every once in a while! It helps make me a better #RRBC member!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have re-read these guidelines to have a clearer understanding of what to do and not to do as far as posting, etc. Great to review now and then.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sistercrystalmary | Reply

    Its hard to imagine that anyone can be mean to another.. God Bless you all, from an Ozzie Author.

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  5. The guidelines are stated clearly. ‘Thank you.


  6. All sounds pretty fair to me. 😊


  7. We all need rules to live by!


  8. Guidelines are a good thing to have. They make life so much easier.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Guidelines such as yours help everyone conform to acceptable behavior.They also discourage the kind of games-man-ship that is so prevalent on some review sites. Exposure to a larger audience and honest feedback are goals we all can support.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I have just re-read the guidelines and they seem eminently sensible. All members should familiarize themselves with them, and follow them to the letter for as long as they remain members of the fine club that set them.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Very good rules. If I read a book that I love, I may ask the author to be the monthly author spotlight on my blog. But I will only ask those who I’ve given a 4 or 5 star review.

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  12. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    These guidelines are short and right to the point. Well done Nonnie!

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  13. Nice community just landed here today and glad to be on board! Great work, cheers!


  14. I agree with all your guidelines except one. You say ‘the content must be soley promoting books and the writing process’. I promote authors, artists and poets on my website, and I also post my own artwork, poems and short stories. Would I be right in assuming this excludes me from membership?


  15. New to the club and love the guidelines as so positive cool !

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  16. I just re-read the code of conduct. Simple guidance and positivity keeps everyone’s moral up.

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  17. These are wonderful guidelines. We are about support!

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  18. I tend to agree with you all. Simple, decent, common sense guidelines, yet still needing to be put in writing.

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  19. Good and simple guidelines that promote common decency! How novel!

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  20. These guidelines are simple and straight forward and should serve the Club and our Members very well.

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  21. Shirley L. Slaughter | Reply

    These guidelines should help in moving RRBC forward.

    Liked by 1 person

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