You asked for it and now, you’ve got it!

Here is a list of member blogs and websites which have been vetted and are approved to be promoted with our #RaveReviewsBookClub and #RRBC hashtags.  The blogs and websites listed here have been determined not to be in violation of our CODE OF CONDUCT, Item #6 or do not contain material or content that might be found offensive by our members.  Your blog will not be listed here until you have received notification that your blog/website has been approved.  If at any time it is determined that your blog/website is in violation, your blog/website will be removed without notice and will no longer be approved to promote using the club’s hashtags.  (Opinions expressed on our member’s blogs do not necessarily reflect those of RRBC, and therefore should not be considered an endorsement by RRBC).

If you would like to have your blog/website added to this list, then please visit the CODE OF CONDUCT  page, Item #6, for instructions on how to submit it for consideration. Please note that there is a TWO-blog maximum for members. 

This is just another way we are seeking to PROFILE, PROMOTE & PROPEL our members! And I must say, we have already visited some of these blogs, and they are AWESOME-TASTIC!!!!




4 Writers And Readers/Bette Stevens

A Writer’s Journey/Micki Peluso

Allergic To Life My Battle

Ask The Good Mommy

Be My Guest/Kathryn Treat

Beem’s Blog

Beyond Cloud Nine/Greg Spry

Books By Nonnie

Children’s Author, W. J. Scott

D. L. Finn

Elizabeth Cowan

Eric Halpenny

Fantasy Author, Wendy Scott

Forrest Takes A Journey/Forrest Stepnowski

Fred’s Blog/Robert Fear

Gracie Bradford

Greg Spry

Guthrie’s Writing Cottage/Patricia Guthrie

Gwen Plano

Harriet Hodgson

In The Harem/Bernard Foong 

Insane Owl/Fiza Pathan

Jessica Bakkers

Jinlobify/Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

John Howell

Join The Adventure!/Karl J. Morgan

Marcha’s Two Cents Worth

Maretha Botha 2013

Maretha MB

Margie’s Creations

Mary Adler Writes

Mirror of Our Lives/Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

Official Website of Sam Polakoff

Outshine Ovarian Cancer/Karen Ingalls

Paula Houseman

Remember Our Lady Of Victory/Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Ronald Yates, Foreign Correspondent

Sam Polakoff Blog

Shirley Harris-Slaughter’s Blog

Susanne Leist

The Showers of Blessings/Miriam Hurdle

The Writer Next Door/Vashti Q


World of Suzanne Burke

Writing and Music/Jan Sikes

Writing By Randall/Randall Krzak

Yvette M. Calleiro’s Author Blog

{Other Member blogs/websites are being added as soon as they have been fully vetted.  Please support the blogs/websites listed on this page by either tweeting this page and also visiting the blogs/websites, and following and showing support with your comments and tweets.  RRBC reserves the right to remove your blog at any time if we deem a post inappropriate or possibly harmful to RRBC’s purpose, mission and/or reputation.}


23 responses

  1. Hello everyone! I’m a new member. I’m very excited to be a part of this book club. I’m making my way down the list here––about half way. I can’t wait to check out all the blogs. 😀

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    1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

      Thank you Vashti Q for following my blog. It is very much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s my pleasure, Shirley. I look forward to your posts.


    2. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. You are an AWESOME member!😀

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      1. Thank you, Linda! I hadn’t seen this.😊


  2. I made it through following all of these blogs today, and my mouse is exhausted!

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    1. I have only just begun with the Twitter list!

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  3. I’m working through the blogs. I’ll have to wait until Jan to get really active in that arena. I am trying to keep up mine, too.


  4. Im going checkout every last one of them. It might take me a whole year but im gonna do it.

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  5. Hey, I know a few of these… I’ll have to start visiting the others to see what’s going on with them! 😉

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  6. So many cool blogs; so little time!

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    1. sistercrystalmary | Reply

      That’s just how I feel Juliet, so just one at a time. Blessings Crystal


  7. Wow! I found my blog on the blogsite page. Now if I can just find my trailer/videos. I am following as many blogs as I can handle right now. And the ones I picked are awesome!!

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  8. I would love for you to add my blog ( to your list, let me know if that’s possible. Thanks!

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  9. Have an idea and wondered what all of you think. I want to add a new category to my blog called “The Writer’s Journey” (inspired by Jason’s post on Beem’s blog for his tour). I’ve actually thought about this before and I wrote my own article on this a while back if I can find it. I never posted it. The posts for this category would be written by authors about their journey to becoming a published author and would include a short bio and their latest book blurb. What do you think and how many RRBC authors would be willing to add to the category? It would be a good spotlight for the authors too. I’ve gotten quite a following on my blog in just the last month of making it active at and I’ve mainly been just reblogging posts so far.

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    1. I like this idea! Everyone has had quite the journey, I know I have!


  10. I sent in a request a while back to have my blog approved but haven’t heard anything and don’t see it listed. I have two: Kim’s Musings on blogspot and the one I requested ( and Kim’s Author Support Page on wordpress. I started using a wordpress site ( recently as a way to reblog other RRBC member blogs that I’ve seen and liked.

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  11. Hi there. I can’t seem to find my name in the list of websites. Thanks. Cheryl Phipps

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  12. […] Club is more than 600 members strong, and growing all the time. I am in constant amazement at the talent which exists within RRBC.  There are bestselling authors, award-winning authors, top-rated […]

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  13. […] Club is more than 600 members strong, and growing all the time. I am in constant amazement at the talent which exists within RRBC.  There are bestselling authors, award-winning authors, top-rated […]

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  14. Thank you for including my website here. I am enjoying connecting with your members.

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  15. I am following as many of the blogs as possible. Some blogs aren’t set up to be followed.

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