Hi, I’m MICHELLE ABBOTT. I’ve lived all my life in the UK. I’m a mother to two awesome children who are now adults. My own mother regularly took me to the library as a child, so I’ve grown up with a love of reading. I’ve enjoyed writing ever since I was old enough to hold a pen. I remember winning a writing contest at school and being too nervous to go on stage to collect my prize; my father had to accept the prize on my behalf. I’m no longer so shy, but I’m still somewhat of an introvert. I’ve written three new adult romance books, my latest being JUST STAY, which I published in May. I’m currently working on my fourth book. I love the support we get from RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB and I’m delighted to serve in the role of “HOSPITALITY” Co-ordinator



JOY NWOSU LO-BAMIJOKO was born in Enugu, Anambra State of south-eastern Nigeria.  She is the 5th of 7 children of her parents.  Joy was born into a musical family.

Now retired, she was a music teacher, trained in Santa Cecilia, Rome and she obtained her Ph.D in Music Education from the University of Michigan, USA.

Joy has written and published extensively in national and international scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers.


Joy joined RRBC in early 2014 and has been an uber-supportive member since day one.  She serves on the TWEET SUPPORT TEAM and is the 1st member in the club to reach 100 books, read and reviewed.  She won the 2015 MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD as well as 1st place and a $200 Amazon Gift Card in our TOP REVIEWER category, also for 2015!  Joy will now serve our membership as Recruitment Director!


IMG_0067 (1)

Hi, I’m Amie O’Brien, your new host of the RAVE WAVES “BEHIND THE PEN” SHOW!  Raised in the south with a dream of California, I somehow managed to trade it all for the land they call “Pure Michigan.” I spend most of my days tucked snugly into my home office where I work for an international development nonprofit. When not helping families living in hard-to-reach places, I sink into my writer’s trance, lovingly craft stories that take place in 19th century Ottoman Empire, and devour any books that pride themselves on first love and second chances.

Married for two decades now to an awesome man and dirt bike enthusiast, my passions are mostly travel, horseback riding, and spending time on the boat with our son and daughter.

To learn more about me and my writing, visit where you can subscribe to my newsletter. Want to know me even better and practically travel around in my back pocket? Follow me on Twitter via @merchantspearl.



SHIRLEY HARRIS-SLAUGHTER is the latest addition to the RAVE WAVES Team as a new co-host of RATERS NOT HATERS!  Shirley has been with the club almost since the inception and holds LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP STATUS within RRBC!


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  1. Thank you, very Special Support Team for everything you do for #RRBC!


  2. Good to be here! Looking forward to work. 😀

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