“Flip-Flops After 50:  And Other Thoughts On Aging I Remembered To Write Down”

Flip Flops After 50 by Cindy Eastman



“How To Reach For the American Dream…(and not get)”

How to Reach for the American Dream by Larry Hyatt***


“Fractured Proverbs & Twisted Thoughts”

Fractured Proverbs by Liz Cowan

“Through The Keyhole”



“Diary of an Airedale”

Diary of an Airedale by P J Erickson



“Raising Hell”

Raising Hell by Phillip T. Stephens




3 responses

  1. Diary of an Airedale: a terrier’s tale: The story of a dog’s first year (Airedale Diaries Book 1) by P. J. Erickson

    I’m a sucker for animal books and this one is no exception. I like that this book is written in the POV of Alf, the Airedale terrier. Amusing, touching and a lighthearted tale about a dog full of heart and soul. You won’t be disappointed with reading this book. I wasn’t.
    Love animals? Dogs? Why not give P.I. Erickson’s book a chance?


  2. 4.0 out of 5 stars

    All-in-all a fun read with highly creative writing from the author
    ByNeils Knudsenon February 15, 2016
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

    Mr. Stephens plays havoc with hell and comes out the winner in this well written romp through eternal damnation. A. Pilgrim, our fallen hero, goes through all types of highly descriptive bureaucratic hells in an effort to please the insufferable magnificence of Lucifer. This is the charm of the book. Liberals and democrats of any stripe seemed to have been called to an eternal bliss for some reason. If not for this one omission I would give Mr. Stephens otherwise enjoyable trope 5 stars. A humorist cannot, in my opinion, overlook his/her own farces and still lambast those of whom he finds fault and therefore lets down a wider audience.

    All-in-all a fun read with highly creative writing from the author. Well done.


  3. Picked up “Raising Hell” by Phillip T. Stevens. on Jan. 16. I think I posted this note in the SciFi/Fantasy section instead of here.


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