Moments by Harmony Kent



“The Spike Collection”

The Spike Collection by Martin Skate



“A Perilous Thirst”

A Perilous Thirst by Rhani D'Chae


3 responses

  1. Read and reviewed A Perilouos Thirst. In a short story, it’s hard to capture a character with all his aspects. He does know what he wants–the man happens to be sitting next to him–and what he intends to do with him. As Karen Ingalls pointed out, “A most iteresting twist….” I reviewed it on Amazon.


  2. Just finished reading A Perilous Thirst by Rhani D’Chae. A most interesting twist from the usual vampire stories. Good job.


  3. Candy O'Donnell | Reply

    Rhani D’Chae knoiw how to weave a tale from the first person point of view. The main character is diligent in his performance and knows what he desires in life. We begin in a bar where the first words are spoken and his ingenious mind displays who he is and what he is truly after. I’d love to see more of this character and how he plays out this undying fantasy of living the vampire life.


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