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“Hey, ya got a book ya wanna chat about it?  Well, here’s the place to do it! WELCOME TO BOOK CHAT!!!  Don’t go posting in the comments section of all the other places on this site that might incite discussions, that take up too much space;  and those sections weren’t  designed for that anyway…but this one was!   So, here I am, waiting to jump in on any discussion about any book you’d like to get started.  You may start a discussion on any member-author book you’d like.   I know, I know, I don’t look much  like the “chatty” type, but I am!  Now, don’t take too long getting a discussion going, because this wig is kinda itchy, if you know what I mean. Let’s CHAT!” 


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  1. Hi everyone. If you wouldn’t mind, I would like a couple of suggestions of great books to read and review for our #Raters show. Can anyone give me a title or two? Thank you so much.

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  2. There are many wonderful books to read just from RRBC members. Here are some that I just finished recently: Ninja School Mum by Lizzie Chantree, The One Revealed by Yvette Calleiro, and the Watchmage of Old New York by C. A. Sanders. Check them out.


  3. Murder on Tyneside came 6th in a competition to find the 50 best indie books of 2017. Big Thank You to anyone who voted.

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    1. How do guys find those contests? I’d love to enter some.


      1. If you follow the link I gave and sign the form to receive their newsletter, you will hear what read freely are doing next.


        1. I just did that and, thank you for telling me.


  4. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    There is so much going on but Patricia, you are right, there should be more discussion going on here. We also have the month book discussion of books of the month. I think its on hold for the trailer block party going on right now.


  5. Hi everyone,
    Last time I was here was last spring. Not too many people here, lately. I think book discussions for a book club is a great thing. I’m in the throws of reading Milele Safari by Jan Hawke. Well-written and intriguing. I’ll have more to say about this when I’ve finished. Anyone else read Milele Safari?

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    1. I read it, & really enjoyed it. But I went back and started reading it again to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.


  6. My novel, “Murder on Tyneside”, has reached the second stage of a competition to find the best indie book of 2017.
    Now I need votes. Therefore I would be very grateful if you would follow the link below and add your vote.
    Thank you for your support.

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    1. I just voted. Good luck!

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      1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support.


    2. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

      I just voted for Murder on the Tyneside. Good luck Eileen!

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      1. Thank you very much. I need the support. xxx


  7. Just wrapped up REVENGE by Bill Ward. Very good story that pits the IRA against MI5, secrets held in all the characters we get to follow as their paths slowly begin to intertwine and collide. Great finish at the end.

    I think it’s helpful to know other people’s non-biased opinions on things they may have tweaked or thought about. It’s all about “perfecting” the craft. So I will add this bit of feedback:

    We get off to a great start in this thriller novel with a mugging that immediately connects our two main characters that we’re rooting for throughout the novel. The action gets spread thin from chapter 2 until the last 20% of the book (or so). The dialogue, and story building, and backgrounds move to the front of the narrative for a bit long. It’s entertaining and important to learn about all these characters, but to learn about them through some action would have elevated the story, for me. Also, as these prolific characters start developing, I wanted them to clash earlier and more frequently. That’s half the fun of these types of multiple POV novels which I LOVE to write myself.

    Just some food for thought. Any other thoughts to the above?

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  8. Just finished John Howell’s third book in the series – Our Justice. Excellent – I was so drawn in and could not figure out how John Cannon could possibly escape. Wonderfully written, and fascinating insight into Jacobs’ world. Non-stop thrilling action, I could not put this book down. I absolutely LOVED the entire series! Great job! Left a good review on Amazon! 🙂

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