*Aveela, Ronesa, Mystical Emona: Soul’s Journey (e-book)
*Bickerstaff, GordonDeadly Secrets  (paperback – UK only)
*Bickerstaff, GordonEverything To Lose  (paperback – UK only)
*Bickerstaff, Gordon, The Black Fox  (Paperback – UK only)
*Boustead, AdamDragon Fireside Tales  (paperback – UK only)
*Boustead, AdamMist Palace Hall One  (paperback – UK only)
*Boustead, AdamWizard Bound  (paperback – UK only)
*Boyack, C. S.The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack  (e-book)
*Calleiro, Yvette M.The One Discovered  (e-book)
*Calleiro, Yvette M., The One Betrayed (e-book)
*Cole, LincolnRipples Through Time  (e-book) OR (paperback – USA only)
*Cole, LincolnSecond Chances  (e-book) OR (paperback – USA only)
*Cox, KimHaunted Hearts  (e-book)
*Dawn, MistralBound By The Summer Prince  (e-book)
*Dawn, MistralCaptivated By The Winter King  (e-book)
*D’Chae, RhaniShadow of the Drill  (e-book)
*Ducey, NatalieThe Heart’s Journey Home  (e-book)
*Estes, Marc, Four Pieces For Power   (e-book)
*Finn, D. L., Elizabeth’s War (e-book)
*Finn, D. L., No Fairy Tale (e-book)
*Fioravanti, John, A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching  (e-book)
*Fioravanti, JohnPassion & Struggle: The Genesis Saga – Book One  (e-book)
*Fioravanti, John, Treachery & Triumph: The Genesis Saga – Book Two  (e-book)
*Fox, MarchaThe Star Trails Tetralogy Box Set  (e-book)
*Hall, JulieLife After: Huntress  (paperback – USA only)
*Hattendorf, PeggySon of My Father – A Family Dynasty  (paperback – USA only)
*Hawke, JanMilele Safari – An Eternal Journey  (e-book)
*Hinsman, J A,  Souls  (e-book)
*Hinsman, JenniferAngel of Death  (e-book)
*Howell, John W.His Revenge  (e-book)
*Howell, John W.My GRL  (e-book)
*Ingalls, KarenDavida  (paperback – USA only)
*Ingalls, KarenNovy’s Son: The Selfish Genius  (Paperback – USA only)
*Ingalls, KarenOutshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir  (Paperback – USA only)
*Jones, Kathy HuthMercy’s Prince  (e-book) and (paperback – USA only)
*Jules, NonnieDaydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend  (e-book)
*Jules, Nonnie, If Only There Was Music…”  The Poetry of Forbidden Love  (e-book)
*Jules, NonnieThe Good Mommies’ Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters  (e-book)
*Kent, Harmony, The Battle for Brisingamen  (e-book, Mobi)
*Kent, HarmonyThe Glade  (e-book)
*King, Michael P.The Traveling Man  (e-book)
*Kirazian, LisaBravura (The Music We Made Book 1)  (e-book Mobi file)
*Lo-Bamijoko, Joy NwosuLegend Of The Walking Dead  (e-book)
*Lo-Bamijoko, Joy NwosuMirror Of Our Lives  (e-book)
*Manay, A.M.She Dies At The End  (e-book)
*Martin, Rea NolanMystic Tea  (paperback – USA & CANADA Only)
*Martin, Rea NolanThe Sublime Transformation of Vera Wright  (e-book ) or (paperback – USA & CANADA only)
*Morgan, Robin Leigh, I Kissed A Ghost   (e-book)
*Morris, ReginaEnduring Service: The Colony – Book 3  (e-book)
*Morris, ReginaWilliam’s Tale: The Colony – Book 4  (e-book)
*O’Connor, AndiSilevethiel  (hardback – USA only)
*O’Connor, Andi, The Lost Heir   (paperback – USA only)
*Peluso, MickiAnd The Whippoorwill Sang  (e-book)
*Peluso, Micki, The Cat Who Wanted A Dog (e-book)
*Phipps, Carol MarrsThe Elf Killers  (paperback – USA only)
*Plano, GwendolynLetting Go Into Perfect Love  (paperback – USA only)
*Reilly, BeckyThe Geek Club  (e-book)
*Reilly, RebeccaChristian Sex And Marriage  (e-book)
*Reilly, RebeccaDiary Of A Christian Woman (e-book)
*Reilly, RebeccaHaunting Megan  (e-book)
*Reilly, RebeccaInto Dark Waters  (e-book)
*Scott, WendyFantasy Firsts  (e-book)
*Scott, WendyFerrasium  (e-book)
*Scott, WendyGolden Scarab  (e-book)
*Scott, WendyHieroglyph  (e-book)
*Scott, WendyLodestone Book 1  (e-book)
*Shurina, TiaEverything and a Happy Ending  (e-book)
*Sikes, JanThe Convict and the Rose  (e-book)
*Slaughter, ShirleyOur Lady of Victory: The Saga of an African-American Catholic Community ( e-book) (autographed paperback – USA only)
*Stevens, Bette A.Amazing Matilda (e-book) Donated in Honor of Kathryn C. Treat.
*Stevens, Bette A.Dog Bone Soup  (e-book)
*Stevens, Bette A.Pure Trash  (e-book) (2) Donated in Honor of Kathryn C. Treat.
*Thom, MaggieCaptured Lies  (e-book Mobi file)
*Watson, Julie, Born for Life  (e-book)
*Wendt, PeterNikki Magee  (e-book)
*White, RossandraLoveyoubye  (e-book)
*York, JoyThe Bloody Shoe Affair  (e-book) and (paperback – USA only)
*Zadunajsky, Donna M.Broken Promises  (Paperback—US residents only)
*Zadunajsky, Donna M.Not Forgotten  (Paperback—USA residents only)

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  1. Thanks so much to all these generous authors and their books to read. My TBR list is growing and bursting at the seems!!😀


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