It is our goal here at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB to Profile, Promote and Propel our member-authors via as many viable vehicles as possible, so welcome to:


On this day, members agree to give up ALL self-promotion and  promote on their blog and their social media forums, one fellow member-author.  Aside from auto-tweets which the “promoting” member may already have in place, it is agreed that THE MAJORITY of promotion (tweets, Facebook shares, blog posts, etc.), will be for the fellow member-authors who has been assigned to the “promoting” member.

Here is an example of how it will work:

Sandra registers to serve as a “promoting” member during “PAY IT FORWARD” Day.  She has agreed to selflessly promote only Barb on that day. And, that’s what she does!  All her tweets on “PIF” Day are for only Barb.  All her Facebook shares are for only Barb.  If she has a blog, her blog post that day will be about Barb!  Get the picture?  You will also be able to tweet and RT the posts of other club members who are also participating in PIF Day.  Those members are listed below.

RRBC has quickly become known for the BEST SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT ever!  With our “PAY IT FORWARD” Day, we’re kicking it up a notch!

Members have asked, “Nonnie, how do you do it?  Why do you do it?  Why do you spend so much time “giving” and so little time tending to your own promotions?”  A wise man once shared with me that “When you tend to the needs of others FIRST, your needs will be met ten-fold.”  This is how I live my life and the many, many blessings that I have in my life, I attribute to this belief:  When you give selflessly of yourself, you always get back more than you gave.

So, are you ready to see how your “promoting” will come back around to you? All you have to do is register below.  When you register as a “promoting” member, your name automatically goes on the list of our “receiving” members, which means someone will be assigned to promote you during “PIF” Day, as well.


{Here are just a few of our “PAY IT FORWARD” Day Promoters for Friday, September 22, 2017! Click on the member’s name which is “linked” to see how PAY IT FORWARD is working for them, courtesy of the member whose name is listed before theirs!} We post these links as they come in, so please return to this page thru out the day to see who else is #PIFing so that you can show your support of them, as well!  

In blue:  See what our members are saying about their selections for #PIF!


Eileen Thornton > Harmony Kent (“I think I will push Harmony Kent.  I think she does a wonderful job for RRBC“)

Linda Mims > Eric Halpenny (“I select Eric Halpenny.  I don’t know him and pushing him will help to know him better”)

Lynda Filler > Gwen Plano (“So many of the members have been very supportive and it’s always hard to choose one but I loved “Letting Go Into Perfect Love”)

Jan Sikes > Stephanie Collins (“I choose to spotlight RWISA Author, Stephanie Collins”)

D. L. Finn > F. B. Veneziano

VJJ Dunn > Dyanne Gordon Green

Beem Weeks > Gwen Plano

Shirley Harris-Slaughter > A. M. Manay

A. M. Manay > Jeff Haws

F. B. Veneziano > Helen Fox (“I will be promoting Helen Fox.  From what I gather, she only joined in the last two weeks.  Because she’s knew, I’d like to make her feel welcome and show her she made the right decision”)

Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko >

Flossie Benton Rogers > Vashti Q

Laurie Finkelstein > Eileen Thornton

Lizzie Chantree > D. L. Finn

Gracie Bradford > Maretha Botha

Suzanne Burke > D. L. Finn

Stephen Geez > Gordon Bickerstaff

Yvette Calleiro > Suzanne Burke 

Laura Libricz > Michael Hicks Thompson

Wendy Scott > Mike Crowl

Marlena Smith > J. A. Owenby

Elaine Pereira > JoAnn Wentzel


To register to participate in our next #PIF Day, please complete and submit the form below!  You will be matched and sent the name of a fellow RRBC member who you will shower with support on #PIF Day!


57 responses

  1. Sounds like fun…I”m in!


  2. I’d love to participate, so I signed up. I can’t wait to see who’s been chosen for me.


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