Hello, Participants of our 3rd  BOOK &  BLOG BLOCK PARTY!  This BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY will fall several different times during the year, but because it’s April, we’re calling this one our  SPRINGTIME BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY.

Thank you so much for signing up to be part of this wonderful project which will run the entire month of APRIL, 2017.  Each day there will be 1-3 blogs on tour;  at each stop there will be DAILY GIVEAWAY PRIZES and all you have to do to earn a chance at winning, is to read the blog post or the contents of that post, and then leave a comment.  At the close of each day, there will be winners from each blog stop scheduled on that day.  At the end of the collective tour, there will also be GRAND PRIZE WINNERS! 

Unlike traditional blog tours, here you will be hosting yourself, which means you will be promoting your own books, on your own site.   Since you will be selling yourself (your books/your blogs), make your stop fun, interesting and exciting…give your visitors a reason to run and tell others about your site…translation:  check the “boring” at the door.  

Here are your instructions for the tour:

*Monday, March 27 – All Participants should have sent in to, the name and URL (address) of their blog, if it was not included on their registration form;

*Monday, March 27 – All Participants should have sent in to, what their Daily Giveaway(s) will be for their blog, if this information was not included on their registration form;

*Tuesday, March 28 – All Participants will receive confirmation of the date the block party will be visiting their blog, so watch your email closely;

*Saturday, April 1 – A page will go live under the BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY tab, listing the name of each participating blog on our 30 day Calendar for APRIL!!  Each day, a link or the links to all participating blogs on that specific day, will go live on this calendar;

*Your BLOCK PARTY blog post should go live no later than 12 midnight, CT (THE NIGHT BEFORE the Block Party is due to stop at your blog);  OR, ensure that your blog post is *LIVE* before you turn in for the evening;

*Your blog post for the BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY should be the first (top) post on your site for a full 24 hours, on your scheduled day.  This means that if someone were to use the main URL to your blog site, the first post they will see is your BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY post.  You should not schedule any new posts to go live on that day, on your site;

*If you moderate your comments before they are approved on your site, please be diligent in getting all comments that are being held, released onto your site just as quickly as possible;

*RRBC will collect the names of each commentor left on each site by midnight, CT, and the blog owner will be notified of the winners and their email addresses, hopefully by the next day.  It is the blog owner’s responsibility to ensure that all prizes are awarded and delivered to the winners promptly;

*Your blog post can be on any topic you’d like in the writing arena (i.e. why you write, book excerpts, character interviews, etc.), but please, if you’re going to write a blog post, make it as interesting as possible for your visitors, OR, you can do a simple profile of your books, similar to this SAMPLE;

*The URL that you submit to be linked on the tour line-up page, should go directly to your post regarding the block party.  Your page CANNOT have any promotions of any books other than your own (even as giveaways), and those books MUST be already listed in the RRBC catalog, as we do not direct members to books that aren’t listed, that they might purchase, read and review and not receive credit for the read.  If the bulk of your site is filled with promotion of non-RRBC member books, we will not be able to list your site as part of the block party tour and your registration fee will be refunded.  Before being linked, all sites will be vetted;

*RRBC is in the final stages of the creation of our Literary Services Directory for our members to offer their services to fellow members.  That being said, the services that will be allowed to be promoted within RRBC, will be services that have been vetted FIRST.  We are very aware of a huge number of self-proclaimed “professionals” popping up all around the web,  offering services that they shouldn’t, because their own writing leaves much to be desired.  In our year of better here at RRBC, as we have said before, 2017 is going to look a whole lot differently than years past.  We will be promoting only the best written works and we will ensure that the services that are being offered to our members, are coming from “true” professionals who care about the perfection of the work they produce.  Whether it be in the editing arena, proofing arena, book trailer creation, book cover design, etc., we want to ensure that our members are being guided only in the direction of better.  If the service being offered is not quality, it will not be allowed to be promoted within RRBC.  For this reason, participants are not allowed to promote ANY services that they may offer during this block party;

*As a Participant, you will be sent a “balloon” badge to attach to your blog post, which will let each visitor to your blog site know that you are a part of the BLOCK PARTY.  Please attach this badge at the very top of your BLOCK PARTY page.

*At the top of your blog post, YOU MUST state what your Daily Prizes are, as well as the number of winners you will have from your site.  Take a look at the top of the SAMPLE page here to see how this info has been placed.  Let’s be honest, people like to win GREAT prizes, and although you might think your book is the best thing since sliced bread, I don’t know how many people will be rushing to your site to engage and leave comments if they know that they could ONLY win an e-book copy of your book.  Now, if that’s all you choose to give away, that’s fine, I just thought I’d mention this because we know how people are;

*If you don’t support other member’s stops along the tour, your stop will not be allowed to be listed on the line-up page, and/or it will be removed.  Also, you may be asked to remove the banner from your blog post and cease promoting it using the club’s hashtags. Your fee will be refunded if your site does not go up at all.  It is unfair for all of the members of RRBC who continually support their fellow members, to be asked to support you when you show no support for them;

*All paperback/autographed copies of books and other tangible giveaways which must be mailed or shipped, will be kept to the origin of the host.  Which means, if you’re a host and you live in Canada, only winners who live in your area will be able to win anything that you must ship or mail, such as autographed copies of books, etc;  if you live in the United States, you will not ship any winnings outside of the U.S.  This is in place so that there are no exorbitant shipping/mailing costs for anyone.  If you don’t mind shipping outside of your area, please state this on your registration form, in the same area where you are listing your DAILY GIVEAWAYS, as well as on your blog post.  Also, at the top of your blog post, please list where you are located.  For example:  Location:  Lansing, MI.

This is all for now.  Should you have any questions which were not answered here AFTER you have read everything on this page, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at  Now, let’s get ready to make this the best BLOCK PARTY ever!!!

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  1. So excited for this event. Where is the calendar to find it though? I thought it would be under this link. Thanks so much I can’t wait for my day!!!

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  2. The SPRINGTIME BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY is going to be such fun!

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