Got any fun photos you’d like to share? Maybe those of you and your book or readers reading your book! How about the ones with your dog reading your book?  Or, the ones that just make you smile! C’mon, let us into your world a little. Send those photos in to RRBCInfo@gmail.com and we’ll get them posted here for all the world to see!!!




@sharrislaughter‘s granddaughter, Kiera, showing off her new favorite read! WIZARD OF DREAMS by Robin Chambers!






I love great books, and GREAT bags!  (Why is YOUR book not on my shelf OR in my bag? #Reviews!)


“Guess who I belong to?”



@StephenGeez “Writin’ &  recreatin’ with my laptop and fishing pole, catching large mouth bass between paragraphs — or paragraphs between bass.”


100_0315Our awesome Reviews Co-Ordinator, @BeemWeeks sits on his back porch logging all our reviews!  Thanks, Beem!

IMG_0122@PeggyHattendorf with her husband

@RiJanjks’ fan sent her a photo of him holding a copy of her first book, Flowers and Stone.  He’s giving it a thumbs up!

@Woodheat holding one of the first copies of “THERE IS A REAPER.”

@KarenIngalls1 holding a copy of her book, “OUTSHINE…”



16 responses

  1. Allison Williford | Reply

    Love all of these!


  2. Great lot of photos of happy authors family and fans.


  3. Lovely, simply lovely! 🙂


  4. what a lovely touch to reinforce a strong energy of “family” that surrounds the club.


  5. […] Source: RRBC MEMBER PHOTO GALLERY!!! […]


  6. Maureen K. Howard | Reply

    How fun to see everyone with their family and books! Really makes it feel even more like a big happy family. Thanks for putting this together!


  7. Great photos everyone. Another fabulous idea Nonnie!


  8. Such a fantastic idea! RRBC really is a community like no other! Cheers 🌺


  9. This Gallery is such a wonderful idea! I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures of our members! I agree, Bethany, RRBC TNG!!!


  10. Fun pics, great idea! I’ll have to send something in!


  11. Great pics everyone! 😀
    Now my 2 pups are clamouring to get in on the action – the barking’s deafening here! We have a visitor this weekend so will try for a new family photo… 😉


  12. Love the photos!


  13. I love those photos Nonnie, all of them. That is a very sweet idea especially the books on the shelf. I used to have a beautiful collection of books in my library, until I moved and had my books put in storage. I miss them. This brings back good memories. 🙂


  14. Love the pictures of Shirley and John’s granddaughters, your book shelf and your hand bag, Nonnie 🙂 I love bags. I have a louis vuitton that I love using! Looking forward to seeing more photos here. I’ll see about adding a couple of mine.


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