Are you lost on Social Media?  Well, here is the place to come to get all the tips you need to maneuver around and become highly skilled in the art of all things Social Media.  If you have any social media tips that you’d like to share here, please email the link to the post to with SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY in the subject line.  We will only accept well-written posts so if your post is informative and you feel that others might benefit from it, then give it another once-over before sharing it with us.  We will accept blog posts regarding tips on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc.  Thanks!

*Don’t You Have A Thought About Anything? by Nonnie Jules

*How To Become a Great Supporter On And Off Social Media…Namely Twitter by Nonnie Jules

*Posting The Almost Perfect Review by Nonnie Jules

*Rally Old Dogs! Time For A New Trick! by Nonnie Jules

*They Can’t SEE Your Support by Nonnie Jules

*What In The World Are You Retweeting?! by Nonnie Jules

2 responses

  1. Does anyone have any thoughts about Instagram? I’ve begun seeing articles that indicate this social media platform has a higher engagement for products than FB and Twitter though I haven’t seen anything specific for the book industry.


  2. This is such a great idea!! I’ll be checking back here regularly – thank you, Nonnie!


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