#RRBC #RRBCRatersNotHaters w/hosts @Jinlobify @SHarrislaughter & @RhaniDChae

RNH (3)

Co-Host:  Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko


Co-Host:  Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Shirley Slaughter photo

Co-Host:  Rhani D’Chae

Rhani D'Chae photo

Join these three entertaining hosts as they rate the books that we all want to, and should read…even if we’re reading to give an honest review (opinion) of them.   These ladies are some of our top readers in the club and they post reviews on a pretty regular basis, so, who better to give their opinion than them?

With the internet trolls on the lose, you just can’t believe many of the reviews you read these days.  I mean, these trolls are on a mission to seek and destroy the greatest of written works, just because they can.  They’re not even real reviewers so we’ll just call them haters.

Enter our super-trio of Reviewers!  They will share the good and sometimes even their constructively informative views of a book, in hopes that it will help the author become better.  No worries, though, we’re not here to tear anyone’s work down.  Remember, we’re RATERS NOT HATERS!

Sound like a fun show?  Have you ever (virtually) met Joy, Shirley, and Rhani?  Well, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be!


Airs:  Every 4th Saturday of each month

Air Time:  12 Noon CT

Show length: 30-minute segment


Next Air Date:

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Special Guest Co-Host:  Author, Forrest Robert Stepnowski

Forrest Stepnowski smiling


Please Support This Segment’s Show Sponsor: 

“JOURNEY TO THE RAINBOW’S END” by Author, Forrest Robert Stepnowski

Journey to the Rainbow's End by Forrest Stepnowski


Join in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtags below to send in your comments and questions to the host and co-host during the show.  Your comment or question just might be read live on the air!

#RRBC #RRBCRatersNotHaters

Join the fan club of the show, RATERS NOT HATERS,” by sharing your comments below!  Let us know if you’ll be tuning in and let us know what you think of the show!


30 responses

  1. Great fun listening in to the replay – a lovely surprise to hear you discussing TRVB especially as ‘tequila’ is not Shirley or Joy’s preferred tipple. Go Team Rhani!


  2. Great show today, Ladies! So glad I was able to tune in!

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  3. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    I, and my partners, have been co-hosting Raters Not Haters since September 23, 2017 and we are having a blast. The twitter feed is growing and folks are making good conversation. And I’m growing as a studio host and I can appreciate that.


  4. I want to thank Shirley for such a rave review of my novel, The One Discovered. Because of my job (and my hectic life), I never get to listen to these shows live. I truly enjoyed listening to the entire show. I will do my best to keep up with the show. You ladies rock! 🙂


    1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

      Yvette, we never know who will be featured on the show so at least look out for it even if you have to replay later.

      Thank you.

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  5. I love the banner; Raters not Haters. Thank you, Nonnie.

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    1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

      I gotta get that picture changed! Hmmmm.


  6. I just listened to the first episode of Raters Not Haters! FANTASTIC! Wonderful job, Ladies. I really enjoyed the discussions.

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  7. What a grand time we had today with our inaugural show! RATERS NOT HATERS is off to a good start! Shirley, Joy, and I each had a 5 Star book to share! I can’t imagine we’ll always be so blessed!

    Whose books do you suppose we’ll be reviewing next? Join us Saturday, October 28th at 12 noon CST to find out!

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  8. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    I am so honored to be a part of this wonderful group of fabulous women. I think we are going to have some fun!


  9. #RRBCRatersnotHaters is going to be such great fun! I know that having Joy and Shirley along on these forays will keep me on my toes!

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  10. This is going to be great! I am looking forward to it. 😀

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  11. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    I enjoyed the show Tag Team 245 today, 7/22/2017 and was surprised that I have one of the author’s book (The Truth She Knew). Sometimes you don’t know what you have until focus is placed on the author.


  12. So glad I got to tune in today! John & Gwen, great show, and your guests were just as amazing! Thanks to all! (7/22/17)

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  13. Dear Gwen and Joy, it was a delight listening to you ladies today. So thrilled with Hieroglyph’s commericial. Joy is an inspiration, having read and reviewed almost 200 RRBC authors’ books!


  14. Unfortunately, sometimes I miss our shows LIVE, but today, I was fortunate enough to catch the episode with Authors, Veneziano, Price, Mellor and Crow! You ladies are just amazing and thanks for all your kinds words about the club, RRBC!


  15. Enjoyed listening to today’s show!! Always a pleasure to learn about our newest members!!

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  16. #RRBC Tag Team 245 #RRBC Great show today (replay). Four interesting authors from around the world. I am glad that I joined this club. Awesome group of authors. I have already purchased, read, and posted reviews of two books from previous shows. Looking forward to the next segment.
    Laura’s job of making guitars was quite informative.


  17. Just finished listening to the replay. Bob, thanks for your service and desire to tell these most important stories of We Were Soldiers Too – fascinating. Congratulations on your awards. Great presentation today.


  18. Looks like we might be in for a condensed modified show today…the operative word here being “might.” If all 4 of our guests appear, great, and if we’re left with only a couple, that’s great, too, as the show must always go on! Have fun today, Tag Team!!!


  19. This past Saturday, I was privileged and honored to be a guest on Rave Waves Tag Team 2*4*5! I had a great time talking with John Howell and Bill Ward! And I enjoyed hearing the from the other guests as well, Shirley Harris Slaughter and Harmony Kent.
    Just wanted to let everyone know that Rave Reviews Book Club still has it! As soon as the show was over, I started selling books. Quite a few, too! At least for me. And the sales have continued today!
    Thanks, Nonnie Jules, John Howell, Bill Ward, and everyone else behind the scenes who make this show possible. And thanks for allowing me to be your guest!


  20. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    Love the show and the chance to meet new authors up close and personal. Good Job Bill Ward and John Howell.


  21. Was a lot of fun! I really appreciate the chance to talk to all of you and meet many of you in person! Thanks!

    If you heard the link but didn’t find it:


    That’s my Kindle Scout campaign! Hopefully, it gets some serious consideration by Amazon!


  22. Excited and anxiously waiting to meet these new members!!!


  23. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    Listening to the replay and laughing a lot. Very good show!!


  24. Wishing John & John the very best of success with this new endeavor. Though I won’t be able to listen live, I will certainly listen to the archived shows.


  25. Aha! The Dream Team in the firmament of newly-arrived RRBC stars – what more could we wish for! 😀 Looking forward to this latest show 😉


  26. John Howell and I are very excited about this series, and are determined to have a lot of fun with it. Check out the pilot show which aired on Sunday, November 29, 2015! We are looking forward to introducing four new members each month! Join us for a fun and informative half hour each month!


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