“SPOTLIGHT HONORS” with Host, John W. Howell

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Host, John W. Howell

Twitter: @HowellWave

Bio: I have been working in business for over forty years and now have the time to work in special areas of interest. My passion has always been to create compelling stories of fiction. I have authored two novels and am working on my third. The first novel is still in manuscript form and being utilized as a door stop in the laundry room. The second is a thriller fiction novel of 92,000 words and has been launched by Martin Sisters Publishing. I have finished my third novel and it is at the publisher. My fourth is underway and is about 30,000 words.  I also write short stories and have had a number published. My short story Cold Night Out won an honorable mention in the Writers Digest popular Fiction Contest. I dabble in poetry and have published a few on my blog. I am trying new forms and will sneak out of the dressing room and into the water once I think one is worth reading. I am primarily a Haiku fan. The one time I read a piece to a person their only comment was, “it doesn’t rhyme.” I will continue to write and hopefully my blog at JohnWHowell.com will provide some entertainment and an interesting thought or two.

I live by the Gulf of Mexico with my wife Molly and an assortment of loving rescue pets.



Airs:  Thursdays between Spotlight Author Weeks (Schedule of Air Dates)

Air time:  11 AM CST

Show length:  30 minute segment


Next Air Date:

Thursday,  May 25, 2017



Maureen Twomey image

Twitter:  @Maureen_hmm


Before, Afdre by Maureen Twomey



“THE PLAYGROUND”  by Author, C. S. Boyack

The Playground by C S Boyack


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  1. […] to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB’S BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES “SPOTLIGHT HONORS,” where HOST JOHN W. HOWELL is joined by AUTHOR KARL MORGAN. We will be discussing his novel, […]


  2. Listened to John Howell and Staci Troilo a little late (the archived version) and let me tell you three things: 1) John Howell is ONE GREAT host; 2) I can’t wait to read books (all of them!) and 3) THANK YOU both so much for your kind words . It’s members like you who make all that I do, a true LABOR OF LOVE! Thank you both, again, this show has been added to my list of fave amazing RAVE WAVES shows! Can’t wait for the next one!


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  3. John, today was such an inspirational show. I am so looking forward to reading Elaine Pereira’s novel “I Will Never Forget”. Thank you for hosting her today!

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  4. John Howell and John Fioravanti, what a great show today! Thank you both for your kind words! John H., John F. cut you off because he doesn’t like it when anyone else is “raving” about me. He wants to hold the title of #TopNonnieRaver always. Silly #JealousJohnF! LOL! Thanks, guys, you both were great!

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  5. One of the most interesting shows to date! Great job!

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    1. Thanks, Beem! John is a great host!


  6. Great show Jennie and John – I really will get to your book soon Jennie! 🙂

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  7. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    Jenny Sherwin you have enthusiasm and it shows in your segment. Hope the snow doesn’t stop you!


    1. Thanks, Shirley. We’ve stocked up and plan to stay in until absolutely necessary. The more people who stay off the roads, the better it will be for the cleanup crews. So happy to be a part of RRBC!


  8. Hi, Nonnie. Thanks for everything you’ve done to make RRBC what it is–an incredibly supportive network for authors! I really enjoyed talking to John Howell today. He is a great interviewer! Jennie


    1. We’re so glad you had a good time, Jennie! It was truly your show today! Thank you for making it an enjoyable time for us all! John H. is great, isn’t he?


  9. What a great show today, with Author, Jennie Sherwin! Jennie is one of those guests that we need a couple of hours to talk to, she’s such a great interview! Thanks, Jennie! You and John H. simply made my morning! And again, thank you for such kind words! #I’mTrulyHumbled


  10. After listening to the interview with Michael Lynes, I bought the Kindle version of his book. Can’t wait to start reading!


  11. Well – I’m about to listen to the re-run of John’s talk with Simon Cornish after the live recording due to what seems to be a recurring sound glitch. I did manage to catch the tail end of the show but dint of turning off the Twitter #RRBCSpotlightHonors feed page – it seems to be that you can have the BTR page going OR the Twitter page but not both!
    I have to say that it was the twitter feed page that was worst affected as it seemed to be the same with last Saturday’s show too. Those flippin’ gremlins! I know John and Simon were having a good time ‘cos I could hear them laughing! Never mind – will catch up with you later on 😀


  12. Dropping in to say how very much I enjoyed listening and contributing to Stuart and John’s show this Thursday gone! Go to http://bit.ly/1kuWf4d (or hit the Archive link above) to hear it yourself – especially if you’ve endured a life crisis of any description, as Stuart’s memoir provides much food for thought and inspiration on how to find YOUR right way through life’s trials and tribulation 😀


  13. So excited about Rachel Pruchno’s interview today on “SPOTLIGHT” HONORS! I read SURROUNDED BY MADNESS and my review is located here on Nonnie’s “Rave” Reviews page > http://wp.me/P49Fi9-c. I’m strongly suggesting you pick up a copy of this book, but after this interview, you will know for yourself that it’s a MUST READ! Have a great interview, Rachel and John. I’ll be listening!


  14. This was one of my all-time favorite interviews here on Rave Waves! Thank you Micki Peluso for sharing your beautiful, heart-warming/heart-breaking story with us about your experience of losing your beautiful daughter. Thank you, Bette Stevens, for standing in to assist Micki during this interview, at times I couldn’t tell your voices apart. And, to our host, John Howell, I’m not sure anyone else could have done it better. Many THANKS to you, my friend! Another great RRBC Production!

    John Fioravanti, what a great show Producer you are! THANK YOU!


    1. Thank you Nonnie for the kind words.


  15. Will be so nice to Host the show if nothing else but to talk to some pretty wonderful people.


  16. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s show with guest Bette A. Stevens – well done!! I’m a fan!


  17. Great interview with Nancy Bell, John.


  18. […] *Nancy M. Bell, Host – “SPOTLIGHT” HONORS […]


  19. Hi Nancy, great to know that you are now not just only the Admin. Asst. on the RRBC board, but also hosting this fabulous new program. Welcome to the Board. Congratulations and more grease to your elbow! 🙂


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