Each month, we will select one amazing book from the RRBC catalog, to be profiled via our RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio forum! This profile will be presented in the manner of a pre-recorded, 30-minute scene dramatization, acted out by members of the RAVE WAVES Team.

This show format is intended to give the audience a more in-depth, up close and personal feel, via the actors who are enacting the scenes from selected books.  {Think soap opera radio before television}. We will be bringing your books to life!  This is yet another avenue created by the RRBC to Profile, Promote and Propel our member-author books!  Get ready…your GREAT read could be here next!!!!


Airs:  Every 3rd Wednesday of each month (Schedule of Air Dates)

Air time:  11 AM CT

Show length:  30 minute segment


Next Air Date:

May 22, 2017


Featured Book:


The Convict and the Rose by Jan Sikes

This will be a pre-recorded program, but we ask that when sharing and promoting the show on social media, you use the hashtag #RRBCSpotlightTheater!  Let us know what you think of the show, in the comments below!

21 responses

  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    I just listened to your Spotlight Theater replay and enjoyed it very much. Must get mine over here.


    1. Hi Shirley, That’s a great idea they are fun.


  2. Thanks to all the RRBC Board and Special Support members who input so much time and energy into recording Hieroglyph – thanks you are all stars!

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  3. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    I enjoyed the book and listened to a replay of the radio feature. Very nice!


  4. Fabulous ‘radio play’ of Nonnie Jules Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend. I had great fun picking out who the RRBC character voices were. This is a must-listen-to!!!!

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  5. This sounds exciting. I can not wait to “hear” the first show. I am getting antsy waiting to “hear” it and push it on my social media.


  6. Everything you cats touch turns to gold…Can’t wait to see more.


    1. R. G., I typically don’t even like hearing the word “cat,” I’m so terrified of them, but I’ll gladly accept it in the context in which you’ve shared. THANK YOU! We’ll keep spinning these “gold” ideas!

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  7. This sounds like a blast.


  8. What fun this will be! I can’t wait to experience the first Spotlight Theatre!


  9. Can’t wait for the first show of “SPOTLIGHT” THEATER!! It’s going to be grand!!


  10. Sounds like a very fun show. Can’t wait.


  11. RRBC the Repertory Company! What a great idea to bring our books to life for eve ryone 😀


  12. What a great addition to the #RRBC Rave Waves Radio!


  13. How exciting! I’ll be tuning in.


  14. Love this!! I’ll be turned in!


  15. This sounds very, very interesting! 🙂 This must be great! I look forward to it. 😀


  16. WOW! What an absolutely fabulous idea! This is the reason RRBC rocks! Innovative, clever, and entertaining. My calendar is duly noted. FEBRUARY 1st 2017. Can’t wait.


    1. I can’t wait, either, Soooz! I’m just as excited as you are! Hurry up, 2017! RRBC is ready to rawk!!!!

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