Introducing the 2017 WRITERS’ CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO SPONSORS!  This amazing event has ended but the support of these sponsors is just beginning!  We ask that you support the members below by picking up copies of their books and spreading the word of these reads all over your social media forums.  They took great care of us during the conference by providing amazing donations for our Raffle gift card baskets and now it’s time that we return the support!  The books and members on this page will receive continuous, extra-special support for one full year…up to the start of our 2018 conference!  SPONSORS, THANK YOU SO MUCH, AGAIN!!!!



*D. L. Finn 


This Second Chance by D. L. Finn

Newly married Rachael Battaglia finally had it all. The only detail that stained Rachael’s perfect wedding was a gift she received. It was the exact present that her late ex-husband had given her on their wedding day — a snow globe. That marriage was not what she had envisioned, and she endured years of his abuse and charm until one night she escaped with two kids and one on the way. Now Rachael was headed to Hawaii with an amazing man and her chance at happiness. Unbeknownst to Rachael, she had an Angel on her side, although this Angel might not be able to save Rachael and her family from the evil that surrounded them. This is a tale of love, past relationships, things unseen, and redemption. Will Rachael find her happy ending, or will this evil thing get its way?


Things on a Tree by D L Finn

What a way to spend Christmas Eve! Thirteen-year-old Aimee is sick and missing her dad, who died in a car accident last year. While the rest of her family are outside playing in the snow, she is alone by their Christmas tree. Aimee sighs as the tears begin to fall. She wishes she still believed in Santa Claus. Then she could ask him to change the last year. Yeah, right, she thought. She turns away from the tree, and falls asleep. Later that night, Aimee awakens to a strange noise.  (Read more of this blurb on Amazon)


Elizabeth's War by D L Finn

It’s April of 1917, and World War I has reached Elizabeth’s family on their wheat farm in North Dakota. Although the battles are being fought overseas, the war has affected her in ways she couldn’t have imagined. Elizabeth is thrust into a new role after her brother and father leave the farm to do their part in the war. And she’s only eleven years old!
Having almost died as a toddler, Elizabeth has been babied most of her life. Now she must learn to help out around the farm; cooking, cleaning, and tending to the garden and livestock. No longer can she run from her responsibilities, as she did when her horse Rosie was giving birth. There were complications during the delivery, and Elizabeth panicked and froze. The foal didn’t make it.  (Read more of this blurb on Amazon)


No Fairy Tale by D L Finn

You are invited into D.L. Finn’s life, written through a princess’s viewpoint. While it’s usually assumed in fairy tales that the princess is beloved by all, this is one princess who doesn’t feel loved. She dreams of a moment when her father will walk through the castle door, sweep her up in his arms and proclaim how much he misses her. That never happens. Instead, she is introduced to a new step family. Just like in the fairy tales, this is where the story takes a dark twist; where addiction, abuse and adolescence thrive together in retched misery. From her lowest point as a hopeless fourteen-year-old girl who gives up all hope– comes a spark of faith. This is where she begins her quest for a happy ending.  (Read more of this blurb on Amazon)

*Gwen Plano 


Letting Go Into Perfect Love by Gwen Plano

Inspiring and unforgettable, Letting Go into Perfect Love is a riveting account of a journey through the terror of domestic violence to a faith that transforms all. As a college administrator, Gwendolyn M. Plano lived her professional life in a highly visible and accountable space–but as a wife and mother, behind closed doors, she and her family experienced unpredictable threat. The statistics are staggering–every 9 seconds in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten–but to Gwen, this was her secret; it was her shame. When her husband eventually turned his brutality on her son, she knew she could no longer remain silent.  (Read more of this blurb on Amazon)

*Jan Sikes


Flowers and Stone by Jan Sikes

A love story that sizzles across the saw-dusted dance floors of the Texas honky-tonks in 1970.


The Convict and the Rose by Jan Sikes

Luke Stone loses everything he treasures including the woman who holds his heart when he is convicted of a crime he did not commit. He slowly learns to be positive and productive even locked away in a cage. 


Home at Last by Jan Sikes

A second chance at life, love, and family – but not without struggles that would discourage even the most determined.


Til Death Do Us Part by Jan Sikes

With sand in the hourglass running thin two lovers seek to take full advantage of each grain. And yet, won’t there always remain one last unsung song?

*Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko


Mirror of Our Lives by Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

In Mirror of Our Lives, four Nigerian women share the compelling tales of their troubled lives and failed marriages, revealing how each managed to not only survive, but triumph under difficult and repressive circumstances.


Legend of the Walking Dead by Joy Bamijoko

Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies is a journey into the mysteries of life and death of the Igbos of Nigeria. The book draws readers into the Igbo people’s ancient and traditional beliefs about life and death.

There is a very thin line dividing the land of the living and the land of the dead, so thin that spirits from both lands coexist. Sometimes, during the story, it is difficult to differentiate between the living and the dead. Both have bodies; the living existing in their bodies, while the dead exist in (are using) borrowed bodies.


Pregnant Future by Joy N

If people know what the future holds in store for them, they will chose from one of two options: to go headlong in pursuit of their future, or to end it before it starts. That is where life stunts us. Because of this hidden future, we spend our lives as if we are swimming in troubled waters, not knowing which way to go, and choosing our directions by chance.   This is the story of Justina. Although the future was not clear to her, she dreamt for herself, a future she wanted to live. Then, she jumped into her dream life with both legs, and without fear, she swam the troubled waters of life, scaling and dodging all obstacles, and in the end, she came out scarred but alive.   Justina is every young woman who found herself alone in the world to fend for herself. It is the story of the pitfalls that await such a woman. It is the story of survival.

*Karl Morgan  


2121 by Karl Morgan

Is America’s future in the hands of a fourteen year-old boy? Jack Kennedy is growing up in a nation destroyed by a corrupt, uncaring government. While the elites live in splendor in their domed city centers, the masses live in squalor and poverty. Farmers struggle to survive in walled villages to protect themselves from the terrorists and gang-bangers who ravage the countryside. The elderly are banished as there is no will or money to support them. The promise of our country has become a dystopian nightmare where life is hard and hope is an illusion.


The Old House by Karl Morgan

Simon Carter’s world will turn upside down when he learns he is the reincarnation of his great grandfather, and about to inherit the family fortune and business. In order to fulfill the old man’s wishes, all he has to do is live in the old house for two years. It all seems too simple until he walks in the front door.  Simon and Cassandra have been together forever, finding each other in life after life. But they are not alone. There is another, seeking to kill them in each life and succeeding in many. Now their nemesis returns, but is trying to kill the wrong person. Simon must discover why this maniac is after Hannah and a way to stop the terror, or else the woman he loves will die.


Whistlestop by Karl Morgan

Jerry Winslow is about to realize his entire life has been a lie. He never was a regular family man, living an ordinary existence in San Diego. His life was a deception crafted by his parents to keep him alive. But now, the Emperor of the Universe has discovered their hiding place and they must run for their lives.


Demonic by Karl Morgan

The world is on fire, and everything and everyone Bill Watson has ever loved is about to be wiped out of existence. A nuclear attack forces him to flee San Diego in the middle of the night. With his two dogs and a new friend, he heads for safety beyond the mountains. Bill is desperate to reach his family, but terrorists are everywhere and seem to be after him specifically, but why?

*Nonnie Jules



If you’re reading this book then I’m sure you’re a Mom, Mom-to-Be (or maybe even a Dad) to daughters. And although I’ve found this to be the greatest job in the world, sometimes it might leave you thinking “boys might have been a little easier” (and by the way, I’ve never had that thought!). Are your daughters getting off track and you’d like to know how to get them back on? Are you a new Mommy and you want to know how to raise your daughter (almost) perfectly starting from day one?   This guide is filled with 100 tips on how you can raise girls “everyone can’t help but love!”   (Read more of this blurb on Amazon)


Sugarcoatin' by NJ

Ever have things on your mind that you really want to get off, but you’re afraid you might hurt someone’s feelings? OR, you’re afraid someone just might get upset and BLOW UP at you? Well, NONNIE Jules speaks her mind and tells it like it is and she hopes that after reading this book, you will follow her lead! Her gift to you: A Backbone in a Book!

Author, NONNIE Jules is sharing her straight-forward, shoot-from-the-hip method of saying what you mean, and meaning what you say. She has taken some of her most controversial and amusing blog posts and put them together in this one book for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…The Poetry of Forbidden Love

If Only There Was Music

This is a book of poetry for and about forbidden love. These poems are sexy, sensuous and hot, but most of all, they are poems of love… and the feelings they arouse in you are unbelievable! They “feel” like love songs and you will “feel” like singing, but they are only spoken words coming from your mouth, without music. If you aren’t in love before you begin reading this book, you will go seeking a love afterwards.

*Stephanie Collins 


With Angel's Wings by Stephanie A. Collins'.jpg

With Angel’s Wings is the true story of Laura, a young wife and mother of a three-year-old daughter. Her husband, Kevin, a marine, is deployed overseas, leaving Laura to give birth to their second daughter and handle the two young children on her own.

Thirteen days after the birth of her youngest, the pediatrician detects a heart murmur. That leads to just the first of multiple diagnoses for both of her daughters, sending Laura on an unexpected and emotional journey into the world of parenting medically-fragile, special needs children.  (Read more of this blurb on Amazon)



*Bette Stevens 

*Gracie Bradford 


What goes through a child’s mind in isolation for nine months battling brain cancer? Ten-year-old June sees herself in a role reversal living in a dysfunctional family environment with her unstable mother. Her mother is so indifferent towards June until June wonders if her mother loves her.  Lady Bird is June’s protective beagle – a stray dog adopted by June and her brother. The story is about family relationships and pets therapy from the perspective of a ten-year-old girl. The relationship between the two children and the grandmother are as reliable as one can find. 

*Joyce Shaughnessy 

*Michael King 


A con artist couple. A botched scheme. Their latest double-cross could cost them their marriage… and their lives…Even in the company of backstabbing crooks, Tom and Patty Brown can always count on each other. The husband and wife duo have built a life for themselves conning criminals and getting away scot-free. When their latest scheme to sell contaminated land to a gangster goes south, Patty worries that Tom might be losing his nerve…

*Patricia Green

*Peggy Hattendorf 


Christiana’s life is a carefully constructed world built, presented and controlled by her billionaire father, Jonathan Robert Barrington.  She never knew anything else.  The only child of Elizabeth and Jonathan, she’s the heir apparent to the behemoth Barrington Holdings International.  But a  threat to her hard-earned succession waits in the shadows ready to take everything she’s worked for away . . .

*Robert Fear 


John Fear was born into a religious sect known as the Exclusive Brethren. This sheltered him from the outside world as he grew up, but could not hide him from its influences. A struggle began in his mind that led him to leave the Brethren, along with his young family.  (Read more of this blurb on Amazon)


Have you ever wanted to read someone else’s diary?   Would you like to experience travelling in Asia without leaving home?   Then this book is for you. Fred’s Diary 1981 is a fascinating insight into a young man’s travels around Asia in the early 1980’s. This is a unique opportunity to delve into Fred’s daily diary, which details the 158 days he spent travelling around Asia. Follow Fred throughout his extensive travels to Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Nepal. 

*Ron Yates 


When a great-grandson inherits two aging trunks and a stack of meticulously detailed journals penned by his great-grandfather, he sets out to fulfill his great-grandfather’s last request: to tell the story of an incredible life replete with adventure, violence, and tragedy. The great-grandfather’s name is Billy Battles–a man often trapped and overwhelmed by circumstances beyond his control.  (Read more of this blurb on Amazon)


Billy Battles is definitely not in Kansas anymore.   As Book 2 of the Finding Billy Battles trilogy opens, Billy is far from his Kansas roots and his improbable journeys are just starting.   The year is 1894 and Billy is aboard the S S China sailing to the inscrutable Far East. Trouble is not far behind. He has met a mysterious and possibly dangerous German Baroness. He has locked horns with malevolent agents of the German government and battled ferocious Chinese and Malay pirates in the South China Sea.   (Read more of this blurb on Amazon)

*Susan Hughes – 

My Independent Editor

*Yvette Calleiro 


How do you choose when both options have dire consequences?  Sofia is a 17 year old who is quite content with her life. She has a caring boyfriend who also just happens to be her best friend since birth. She has a loving mother. She is successfully completing her last year of high school and enjoys her part-time job. She can’t imagine wanting more from her life…until Ar’ch (pronounced Ar-rick) enters her dreams, sparking a burning flame inside of her that she can’t seem to extinguish nor does she want to.


Sofia has lost everything that was important to her: her mother, her boyfriend, and her best friend. Even the belief that humans are the only beings in the world has been stripped away, but she has no time to dwell on her losses because she’s been transported to a new world to become the savior of the Diasodz. Sofia trusted Ar’ch and Angel to be there for her and to guide and protect her, but only Angel has held true to his word. Ar’ch has abandoned her, leaving her to feel tricked and betrayed.



*A. M. Manay 

*Christy Nicholas 

*Ernestine Rose 


*Flossie Benton-Rogers 


*Julie Watson 


*Karen Ingalls 



*Micki Peluso 


*Susanne Leist 


*Wendy Scott  



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