Vanished by Mark Bierman



“Carnage in Singapore” 

Carnage in Singapore by Randall Krzak

“The Kurdish Connection”

The Kurdish Connection by Randall Krzak

“Dangerous Alliance”

Dangerous Alliance by Randall Krzak



“The Lost Years of Billy Battles”

The Lost Years of Billy Battles by Ron Yates

“Finding Billy Battles”


“The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles”





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  1. I just finished reading Into Spring by Larry Landgraf. The sequel to Into Autumn continues the daunting efforts of those living in Peaceful Valley. With a disparity between the number of single man and women, Sean and Robbie leave the valley, determined to find spouses. Meanwhile, a new family permitted to move into the valley, attempts to push for a place of worship causing issues when the earlier residents rebuff the proposal in favoring of more pressing requirements.

    Larry provides another plot full of twists and turns with realistic characters showing how to survive their ordeals. Despite challenge after challenge, the Peaceful Valley inhabitants deal with what’s thrown at them. Several late nights as I couldn’t put it down until I finished. Now that I have, I can’t wait to read the third installment. Well done!


  2. Just finished Into Autumn by Larry Landgraf: Larry’s blended the perfect story about those trying to survive after the world as Lars knew it collapsed into a nightmare. Already living in a small valley, Lars is joined by Eileen, who stumbled upon his safe haven. With several like-minded neighbors, they cope without modern conveniences. Utilities cut off, food scarce and others trying to take from them, using deadly force.

    Lars and Eileen build a new life and before a close-knit ‘family’ with Samuel, Reggie and their spouses and children. Follow their adventure as they make tough decisions in order to survive. Cheer them on as they deal with one challenge after another. An exciting plot, which kept me turning the pages late into the evening. Can’t wait to read the next in the series.


  3. I read and reviewed Eileen Thornton’s “The Trojan Project”. This is a real page turner. I loved it!

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    1. Thank you. I am so delighted that you enjoyed it x

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  4. I have just read and reviewed Vanished By Mark Bierman Highly Recommended!

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  5. I have just read and reviewed Revenge, by Bill Ward.

    Bill Ward did a fantastic job of holding my attention and I kept those pages turning, despite the lateness of the hour.


  6. I love the Billy Battles books! Great characters, action, and got a history lesson, too!

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    1. Thanks, Marcha. Really happy you enjoyed the books!

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  7. I have just downloaded a copy of Vanished by Mark Bierman.

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  8. I have just finished reading The Glade, by Harmony Kent. The review that I have posted is on Amazon and social media.


  9. I just finished John W. Howell’s Our Justice, and I must say bravo! As others have said, the book is well-written and very fast-paced. I was riveted. The twists and turns had my head spinning. My review should go up on Amazon shortly. Great job, John!


  10. I just finished a marvelous book by Rebecca Yelland. Here is the review I posted on Amazon. This review is from: Dancing At Midnight: The Life of June Parker (Kindle Edition)
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It intrigued me how the author wrote. The story starts when Carolyn finds her mothers journals before scattering her mother’s ashes. This is a wonderful story of the dramas her mother and two friends endured. It ends by giving Carolyn a new perspective and someone to seek. I feel the story deserves a 5 star.


  11. Just bought MEGALODON by Scott Skipper.
    Hopefully, review posted within the week!

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  12. I’ve picked up The Trojan Project on KU (hoping this posts, changed browser to I.E. after no posts from google crome show)


  13. I just bought The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles by Ronald E. Yates. Stand by for a review.


  14. I read The Trojan Project by Eileen Thornton. This is the first book of hers I have read, but not the last. Exciting and a page turner.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am so delighted that you enjoyed it.


      1. You are most welcome and I look forward to reading more of your books.

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  15. A review for My GRL on Amazon by John Howell: My GRL is the first of the John Cannon series. Having read the second book, His Revenge, and the third and final book, Our Justice, I wanted to complete the series with My GRL. Each book is independent of the others; however, there is a definite overlap which adds depth and intrigue.

    In this book, the foundation is set, and much like Jack Webb on the old Dragnet series, the reader is introduced to the world of John Cannon through first person monologues. I commend the writer on his skill to successfully engage the reader in the present, such that we walk with the protagonist through his various hurdles – which are many.

    Terror becomes real within the first chapter. And, from this moment forward, the reader joins John Cannon in trying to understand what is going on, who can be trusted, and how to circumvent the threatened horror.

    This book earns a 5-stars from me, as did His Revenge and Our Justice. They are well-written and scarily timely.

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  16. A review for His Revenge: This is an action-filled, fast-paced thriller. Though not my typical read, I was quickly drawn into the suspense of the story. His Revenge is a sequel to My GRL, which I have yet to read. Though this is a stand-alone book, I wish I had read the two books in sequence. Now I will backtrack, because there are residual questions that need a response.

    Howell writes well. The dialogues are strong and engaging, and the imagery is effective. The protagonist’s slow recovery, from injuries sustained from terrorist activity, is agonizingly vivid. I celebrated with him as he managed one medical hurdle after another.

    If you enjoy suspense, you will like this book. 5-Stars


  17. A review for Our Justice by John Howell:

    It is rare for me to read a book in one sitting, but this book held my attention, such that I did just that. Fast-paced and well-written, John Howell’s third book in the John J. Cannon Trilogy delivers. It kept me wanting to know more.

    The characters are well-developed and believable, and the storyline is masterful. A seemingly ordinary guy unwittingly gets caught up in an international terror plot, the result of which you need to discover for yourself. The suspense is palpable and steady. Combined with light romance, and doses of dry humor, this book has the markings of a great thriller – one that easily could find its way to the cinema.


  18. I have purchased and am reading Larry Landgraf’s Into Autumn…review coming in a week or so.


  19. I am reading David Calder’s Redemption Cove. Stand by for my review.


  20. Hi there,
    I posted a 5* review of Into Autumn by Larry landgraf on amazon.


  21. A Big Thank You to all members who have tweeted and/or purchased The Trojan Project for this week’s #PUSHTUESDAY. I was so delighted to have been chosen. I really couldn’t believe it when I received the Newsletter. Thanks again everyone. Cheers x

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    Because it’s needed apparently – a few words from Nonnie about posting reviews away from the main BOOKCLUB SELECTIONS FOR REVIEW (CATALOG) page…


    The reason for this is that Beem’s spread pretty thin and if you post away from the main page he may not pick up that you’ve done the review and so you won’t get credited for it…

    BE SURE TO EMAIL BEEM at as well as sharing your reviews on the MAIN CATALOG page – that way your efforts won’t be missed! 😉


  23. Hi, I am new around here but I read that my book should already be listed here. I can’t find the listing. It is an action/adventure novel called Day After Disaster. Am I missing something? Thanks


    1. Hi, when you joined you were sent an email entitled A REQUEST. If you did not return that to us, your book is probably not listed yet. Please, reply to that email if you haven’t already. Thanks!


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