EROTICA & ADULT NOVELS (For Mature Audiences Only) – #RRBC

{Although this page has been opened up for this genre, book titles with suggestive and/or offensive wording will not be allowed to be listed.  I don’t think that there is a need to state which wording is being referred to.  In the interest of children accessing our site, we will refrain from such postings.}


It is our policy that all books placed under this genre must possess the following criteria:

  • No explicit titles
  • No explicit book covers
  • The “Look Inside” feature which is available on Amazon nor the blurb listed on Amazon must give the appearance or illusion that the book is in any way pornographic
  • Must meet all other criteria listed below

If the author wishes for their book(s) listed under this genre to be eligible and considered to hold any seat in the RRBC house, such as:  BOOK OF THE MONTH, SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR, #PUSHTUESDAY, MEMBER OF THE MONTH etc., then the title must be submitted to our vetting committee at with CONSIDERATION FOR ALL SUPPORT in the Subject line.  Once the title is cleared, a note will be placed alongside the title listing in the catalog.  (Any title with the words “erotica” or “erotic” will be placed under this category, regardless of where the author would prefer it to be listed).

RRBC’s definition of EROTICA:

Strictly speaking, stories described as erotica are written about the sexual journey of the characters and how this impacts them as individuals. The important elements of an erotica story are emotion and character growth. The focus is on the characters’ journeys in sexuality, not on the development of the romance. Erotic Romance stories are written about the development of a romance through sexual interaction. Sex is a significant part of the story. Sexy Romance stories are about the development of a romance that just happens to have more explicit sex. So they are standard romances with hotter sex. Books that properly fit these definitions, and do not violate the guidelines listed below, will be listed under the EROTICA & ADULT NOVELS genre.



“A Harem Boy’s Saga I:  Initiation”

A Harem Boys Saga Initiation by Young“A Harem Boy’s Saga II:  Unbridled”

A Harem Boys Saga Unbridled by Young

“A Harem Boy’s Saga III:  Debauchery”

A Harem Boys Saga Debauchery by Young

“A Harem Boy’s Saga IV: Turpitude”


“A Harem Boy’s Saga:  Metanoia” 

Metanoia by Young

6 responses

  1. David T Applegate | Reply

    Just purchased “Austin’s Apology”


  2. I have left a 5 Star review for Fionna Guillaume’s “Flowers for the Ancients” which can be read here:

    I was VERY impressed by Guillaume’s imaginative telling of these ancient stories drawn from such diverse cultures and had to read the seven narratives in fits and starts because, like all good historical fiction, I was inspired by her writing to make my own study of the historical societies she chose to fictionalize. While erotica, as a genre, might not be for every adult reader, Guillaume has presented a literary bravery with “Flowers for the Ancients” that every writer should aspire to emulate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.


  3. Just purchased ‘Flowers for the Ancients’. Looking forward to reading it.


    1. I am sorry that I have returned ‘Flowers for the Ancients’. Very elegent writing. Unfortunately it is not for me. I couldn’t read/review it.


      1. I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t right for you. Not every book suits every reader! Thanks for your honesty.


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