“NIRMALA:  The Mud Blossom”

nirmala by fiza pathan

“AMINA: The Silent One”

Amina The Silent One by Fiza Pathan



“Don’t Water The Marigolds”

Don't Wate The Marigolds by James Sinclair



“Novy’s Son: The Selfish Genius”

Novy's Son by Karen Ingalls



“Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty”

Son of my Father by Peggy Hattendorf


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  1. Yvette M. Calleiro | Reply

    I am trying to be better about posting which books I’ve read and reviewed. From this genre, I’ve read and reviewed Novy’s Son by Karen Ingalls.


  2. I just purchased Son of My Father. A review will be coming soon.


  3. I have just finished reading Finding Katie by Harmony Kent and will post my review online. It was an emotional read.


  4. Posted my reviews for Novy’s son by Karen Ingalls and Assaie’s Gift by D.E. Howard. Just about to read Harmony’s, Finding Katie, then one of Vashti’s book is next on my kindle after that. Reviews posted to Beem.


  5. I read Daydreams Daughter Nightmares Friend
    5.0 out of 5 starsAn amazing story
    What a beautiful voice you have Ms Jules! This story reads like an autobiography. Although the subject matter is painful at times, it’s told with honesty and empathy. I started it this afternoon and here we are, past bedtime because I simply could not sleep until the very last page.


  6. I have reviewed Daydreams Daughter – Nightmares Friend. It was a great story and as an abused victim from Domestic Violence myself, I know how difficult it is to write about the pain.

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  7. I have read and reviewed Son of My Father, A Family Dynasty


  8. I read and reviewed Inside Room 913.


  9. Hi – just purchased ‘Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend’


  10. ATTENTION all RRBC members. Please remember to alert me of ALL posted reviews by EMAILING me at This will ensure that I see your reviews and give you credit. Posting on this page is simply for sharing with fellow RRBC members what you’ve read and reviewed. Thank you.


  11. My second book: Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women, is a novel.


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