Time for the 2018 #RRBC “RAVE” AWARDS Contest!!!



Dear Members!

The nominations are in and now it’s time for you to cast your VOTES for those who you feel are most worthy of being a winner in our 2018 RAVE AWARDS Contest!  

Simply CAST YOUR VOTES below using the ballot for those you feel deserving for each category listed.  We will announce the winners in our upcoming RAVE AWARDS at the end of January.

Here are the categories so that you’ll know what you’re voting on exactly:

*BOOK OF THE YEAR – This would be the most well-written, best story-line ever!  We read a ton of books here in RRBC so tell us about the best one you’ve read yet from the choices below!




*MOST CREATIVE TWEETS – Browse the #RaveReviewsBookClub or #RRBC hashtags if you haven’t seen any creative tweets lately.

*MEMBER OF THE YEAR – This person would be that one person who is just genuinely kind, sweet and generous with everyone.

*MOST SUPPORTIVE MEMBER – This is the person who you have noticed supporting everyone on social media and around the club, and they are always willing to give more support.

*MOST GIVING HANDSThis is the member who spends their time supporting their fellow members, who is always willing to jump in and offer their time and service for the betterment of the club and who always goes above and beyond for the club and its members.

You may cast your VOTE for only one person under each category!






127 responses

  1. Gracious. I don’t think I’m qualified because I haven’t interacted with all those members in all those ways, or read all the blogs and all the books.


  2. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    I voted. Too bad more folks didn’t submit in more categories, because I could name a few others. Lol.


  3. Wow! That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Good luck to the nominees! 🙂


  4. Cast my votes. All the best to the nominees.


  5. Tricky decisions – so many awesome members!


  6. Decisions, decisions… Voted! 🙂 Wishing everyone at #RRBC a blessed and beautiful 2019.


  7. My vote is cast. Best wishes to the potential winners.


  8. My vote is cast! Congrats to all the nominees!! We have some totally amazing members!


  9. Victoria Saccenti | Reply

    My vote is cast.


  10. I have just voted for those I feel are deserving.


  11. I put in my nominations. Good luck, everyone!😊


  12. I have sent in my nominations, Yay! 🕺


  13. What fun to get to nominate outstanding members again!!


  14. Congratulations everyone!


  15. Congratulations to all on this well-deserved honour. Cheers! 🙂


  16. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    The only way I could have missed this is being so involved with my challenged brother, I was out of the loop for awhile. I see I won Third Place for book trailer category. I am stunned! Thank you Nonnie Jules for this prestigious award. I will put it on my website and cherish it always. That was a good book trailer because it was done through 4WillsPublishing, so it should have been First Place except I can’t compete with Ms. NJ. lol

    Another thing is this: Nonnie Jules is the only entity that actually read my book before she came up with the book trailer. She captured exactly what the book was about. I cannot say that about the Promotion/Public Relations firms I hired who never bothered to read the book and came up with some far fetched stuff. I never understood that.

    My point is this, NJ and 4WillsPublishing is thorough and genuine when working with you as a client. I love the professionalism of 4WillsPublishing and how they handled me for my time in the spotlight.

    So again, thanks to NJ on putting on this Rave Award show. Everything in Rave Reviews Book Club is perfect for Indie Authors.

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  17. I voted today… I hope I didn’t vote twice, but if I did it’s because y’all deserve it!


  18. OMG! Just discovered, I voted twice. The first was on Dec 7th, second today. Sorry. Good luck to everyone, anyway. pg


  19. Got in at the last moment. Cast my votes. Good luck everyone.


  20. I finally voted! Great nominees! Good luck to you all! 🙂


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