For those of you who missed out on the opportunity to take part in this amazing promotional opportunity, but would now like to jump on board, we will be accepting a limited number of registrations from now thru Tuesday, December 4th at 12 Noon Central Time.  Hurry and complete your registration below to be in that select number!


Dear Members!

This December we are taking you on a fun ride into RRBC’S first pop-up bookshop, December 2 thru 16th!

This event has been designed to allow us to present and promote our books via a more streamlined process, just in time for holiday shopping.

The pop-up zones in the bookshop will be organized by price and then genre.  You know what kinds of books you’re looking for and you also know how much you want to spend on them.  For instance, did you know that some readers have a designated price point that they will spend on e-books?  Let’s just say that you are one such reader and your cut-off for an e-book is $2.99.  You get to browse all the books under the $2.99 category to find your next best read!

Then, let’s say you’re more interested in shopping by genre.  The regular RRBC catalog is over-flowing with books, and at times, that can be overwhelming when you just want to grab a new book quickly and relax.  The great thing about our pop-up shop is that there will be fewer books to wade thru under your favorite categories.  Again, making it so much easier to find your next best read!

We’re also introducing a special treat for all!  Our pop-up shop will feature an “Author Reading Room!”  In your real world, do you tend to drop by your local bookstore for author readings?  I do, as there is nothing in the world like an author serving you up a heaping, hot helping of her or his own words from her or his own mouth!  And, if you’ve never attended an author reading, this treat is especially for you!

Our authors will be live and in color, straight from their living rooms, their patios, their kitchens…some will even be reading snippets of their books to you, straight from their beds!  Yes, we’re all about convenience here at RRBC and this is just another way for readers to be introduced and enticed into picking up one or even all of your books that you’ve put on the shelves of our holiday pop-up shop!

If you’d like to be a part of this amazing “virtual” event, then register below.  The cost of participation to have your books promoted in this amazing fashion for two full weeks is only $30.

Here is what that tiny fee will garner you:

-The inclusion of up to 2 books in the pop-up shop.  Book cover, linked title and brief blurb for up to 2 books;  each additional book will be $3/per book cover, linked title & blurb only; each trailer listing is $1.00;

-Listings under both genre and price pop-up zones;

-Optional inclusion of your own “author reading” video short, to be included in the Author Reading Room;

{Registration deadline:   December 4 by 12 Noon Central Time}

This event will be heavily promoted and open to the general public.  Every book purchased during this event directly from the pop-up shop will get the purchaser one FREE ticket into our drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card as well as many other Amazon gift cards, in varying amounts, to be awarded at the end of the event.  (Example:  Purchase 1 book from the pop-up bookshop, you’ll get 1 entry into the drawing.  If you purchase 5 books from the pop-up bookshop, you’ll get 5 entries into the drawing).  Must email proof of purchases.



We don’t want you to miss out on any of the book sales that are taking place right now!

(Click HERE to utilize the PayPal button on the page to submit your $30 registration fee)


Once we receive your registration, you will be sent confirmation of your listing on the pop-up site! 

Books promoted in the pop-up bookshop will be by RRBC members only!

If you’d like to participate in this event, but you’re not a member, JOIN US!

Here we go again, just in time for the holidays!!!

Questions?  Please CONTACT US!



30 responses

  1. Thank you. This is a great opportunity.


  2. I sure miss you guys. I’m still trying to recover from an electrolyte problem which set off my pacemaker. I got 400 volts 25 times over 2 hours. Indescribable. Then a doctor gave me the wrong medicine in an IV which sent me into a large seizure. He went on to overdose me with Atavan, a tranquizer, to make me forget the seizure. It worked and took half my memory away. And stopped my breathing. He wasn’t yet satified and intubated me to a ventilator, knockling out my front teeth in the process. Another medicine caused dysphasia(difficuty swallowing) causing me to be on a semi liquid diet for almost a year. There is more but I don’t want to bore you. The seizure did something to my eyes so I haven’t been able to read, write or even watch TV. But I am determined to get well and back to work with you all. I promoted you as long as I could and let my books promote themselves and those of you who jumped in and tweeted me. I am down but not out and looking forward to promotions with you soon. I have really missed you.


  3. Thanks for the last-minute email reminder, Marlena! I almost missed this.



  4. Thanks for the invite. I’ll leave my horse outside!


  5. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    Just added an additional title on the last day to register.


  6. Just registered, looking forward in being part of my first RRBC event.


  7. Fabulous idea, Nonnie! I’ve registered.


  8. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    I just registered! LOL


  9. Thank you, Nonnie! I often wonder whether you ever sleep. This is such a wonderful plan. I’ve entered five titles. Best wishes. 💐


    1. Hi, Maretha! Barely, but I’m working to improve on that!



      1. Thank you, again, Nonnie! We often get told, and just as often read about how important it is to get enough sleep, but from personal experience, I’ve come to realise that unless the idea in my head has taken proper shape, sleep will not come! Best wishes with all the awesome things you’re planning and which keep you awake. I’m sure I speak for many of us who appreciate sooo much what you’ve achieved on our behalf! 💐🌺💐🌺💐

        Liked by 1 person

  10. I just signed up for the event. A gread idea!


  11. How awesome is this? What a great way to do some Holiday Promotion!


    1. Michael Hicks Thompson | Reply

      I don’t know who you are, but you are a great promoter of well written books.


  12. Another great addition to our member promotions.


  13. Just registered. Can you tell me if I’m within the first 20?


    1. Hi, Sue! Yes, you were!


  14. Sounds like fun! I’m in! 🙂


  15. Christmas, getting better already.


    1. My thoughts exactly, Larry!


  16. Sounds like so much fun! Great.


  17. What a great idea! Registered all four of my books. However, I am working on a poetry book that may be published before event. Will I be able to add that one later?


  18. Gracie Bradford | Reply

    This is a great idea for holiday shopping.


  19. I’m in! A virtual Pop-Up Shop sounds amazing. I can’t wait!


  20. Looking forward to participating


  21. Wow! This looks fun. 🙂


  22. I look forward to participating in this event. A great idea.


  23. Fabulous idea! Thanks for all your hard work putting this together! I’d be happy to help make promo graphics if that would be helpful.


  24. This sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to finding some great reads.


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