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  1. Just left a review of Haunting Megan, by Rebecca Reilly, on Amazon. Five stars for this riveting and well-written part whodunit/part ghost story!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Would most definitely read more by this author. The characters were well-drawn and I really cared about them. The ending, which I though I had figured out, wasn’t what I thought, which is always a treat when reading suspense. Great book, Rebecca!
    (Hope the review will post, as I used my pen name rather than my real name – won’t know for a few days. If not, I will try to resubmit with my real name that the Amazon account is in. We’ll see …)

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  2. Here’s a link to my five star review on Amazon of Gordon Bickerstaff’s book Everything to Lose:


    Looking forward to reading Gordon’s next book!


  3. I read Fred’s Diary 1981, Travels in Asia almost non-stop! Here is the link to my review on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/review/R33Y8OCM3RMR2G/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv
    I gave it a 4 star review, because I was wanting more local history, but then again…it was not my diary!


  4. Amazon would not allow me to post my five-star review of , The Contract Between Heaven and Earth, by Gwen Plano and John Howell, but I have posted it on my blog and social media. Here it is:

    A story thick with layers, both in plot and characters, the turn of almost every page is a revelation of another clue, not only for the reader, but for the main characters themselves.

    After entering their hosts, they must re-discover each other and their inexplicable feelings of romantic love, as they work to unhinge a terrorist plan to destroy a world leader.

    To be honest, I am not an avid reader of romance, and if it were not for the backstory, I would have declared the relationship between the main characters unrealistic and a bit ‘over-the-top.’ However, in similar fashion to the rest of the novel, the reason for their behavior grows abundantly clear and I found myself nodding, ‘yes, this makes perfect sense.’

    The attention to detail and logical flow of events is amazing. There are no gaps in the sequence, and never once did I find myself questioning how a certain fact or situation came to pass. Everything is explained and that is no small feat, especially since the book was co-authored.

    If you enjoy the comfort of a predictable plot, look elsewhere. If you want to figure out the ‘who-dunnit’ in five minutes, I wish you the best of luck. There are so many twists and turns that I’m almost given to recommend the print format be made into the shape of a corkscrew.

    To John W. Howell and Gwen M. Powell, I offer a hearty round of applause. You both certainly pulled it off and your talent shows. Well done!

    Five well-deserved stars!


  5. I read Vanished by Mark Bierman, and highly recommend it! This fiction book was well researched, well thought out, and well written! I gave it a 5 star review on Amazon.

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    1. Thank you, Lynn, for your wonderful review!


  6. I have read reviewed: The One Discovered by Yvette M. Calleiro
    Bound by Forrest Stepnowski. My reviews are live at Amazon.


  7. Deadly Secrets, the first in the Lambeth Group Series by Gordon Bickerstaff, is a well-written story which will keep action-adventure aficionados. He’s created an intricate plot, which if successful, could potentially doom countless numbers of people to death as they unknowingly ingest harmful protease enzymes.

    Follow Gavin Shawlins, a dedicated scientist and a member of the secret Lambeth Group, as he unravels the sinister plot. There is something for everyone in this exciting thriller, even a bit of rekindled romance. With plenty of twists and turns, Gordon has forged the opening novel of what should be an exciting series. I look forward to reading more!


  8. Amazon would not allow me to post my review for Red Eyes In The Darkness.

    Here’s my five-star review:

    This is a well-written whodunit that kept me intrigued from the beginning. D.L. Finn has a gift for building suspense while creating a story. With RED EYES IN THE DARKNESS, readers are caught in the tension and are compelled to read in hopes of solving the mystery. Always, I look forward to the supernatural dimensions of Finn’s work, and this short story was no exception. I highly recommend it.

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  9. A five star review for john Fioravanti’s ‘When can I stop running.’

    Although not my usual style or reading,this well written story of a young man drafted into the Vietnamese /U.S. war,I found exceptional.John tells of his friend and himself during the nights in Vietnam being lookouts to warn the comrades of approaching enemy.When he was bored and afraid,stuck in mud filled holes his mind wanders back to childhood memories of youthful antics along with his mates,that were both dangerous and had them all running in fear of their lives.These memories were both humorous, believable and identifiable with most youngsters.This book was most readable and enjoyable and I look forward to reading’ Cherries’. Joy M. Lilley


    1. Hi, Joy. The author of “When Can I Stop Running,” is John Podlaski, not John Fioravanti. Great review! I read this book too and enjoyed it.


  10. I have reviewed Open Shut by Nonnie Jules and Strawberry Moon by Joy Lilley. My reviews are live at Amazon.


  11. I have reviewed The Kurdish Connection by Randall Krzak
    5.0 out of 5.0 stars

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  12. D.L. Flynn’s Red Eyes in the Darkness is a gripping suspense guaranteed to leave you thinking–where is evil lurking, and why? This is a well-written story which will give you pause to look at people differently, just as Cass and Will found out when they were under suspicion of killing Cass’ sister.

    Friends and family members want nothing to do with them, yet they haven’t done anything wrong. Even when the cause of their problems meets a predicted but untimely demise, red eyes appear elsewhere. Hold onto your seat as you read this one. An excellent story and you won’t be able to put it down!

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  13. My review of The Merest Loss, by Steven Neil, has been posted on Amazon. The novel is beautifully written, with a bit of mystery woven throughout. This historical saga tells the story of the lives of the Harryet family and those who impact it. The main character, Eliza, also known as Harriet, is a headstrong young horsewoman, who leaves her parents and finds success as a Shakespearean actress. Politics and power, however, force her into a different kind of acting and for years, her life is no longer her own. The novel is set the in the mid-nineteenth century. The characters are well-developed, some endearing, others infuriating, but in either case they are memorable. Steeplechase racing is an important part of the story and the success and tragedy of racing is accurately described. I thoroughly enjoyed it! https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1TQCSD60WXKQE/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B077D9SHB5

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  14. I just posted a FIVE-STAR review for “Reflections” by John Fioravanti. What a beautiful and inspiring book!


  15. Amazon won’t allow me to post this review, however, it is available on my blog. I read “Voodoo or Destiny: You Decide.” By Jan Sikes.
    Here is my review …
    My Review:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Voodoo and a hunger for revenge, make for a great read!

    Jan Sikes proves yet again just how diversely talented she is in this fast-paced and exciting read.

    When Claire is betrayed by the husband she adores her pain soon turns to hunger for revenge. Assisted by her friend Jade who is related to an acknowledge Voodoo Queen in New Orleans, she constructs a Voodoo Doll.

    Claire falls into a drunken sleep and awakens to find a fresh hell waiting. But, is it a hell of her own making? The author cleverly teases us with alternative possibilities.

    Jan Sikes has a gift for creating memorable three-dimensional characters, and that’s often a very real challenge in a shorter read. We are permitted to see Claire’s pain, her sense of loss, and we can empathize and even understand her drunken desire to inflict pain back on her tormenters.

    If you enjoy being tantalized, and want a fast and satisfying read, then I’d recommend this one.



    1. Thank you, Soooz. Yes, Amazon is giving us fits these days.

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  16. I read Nonnie Jules book, “The Good Mommies’ Guide To Raising {Almost} Perfect Daughters”, and gave it a 5 star review on Amazon. Here is the link to my review; https://www.amazon.com/review/RZTRQMWUBLV1O/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv
    Thank you, Nonnie Jules for an inspiring book of values! Well written!


  17. Amazon would not allow me to post this review, however, it can be found on my blog. Here is my review of ‘A Soldier’s Children,’ by Jan Sikes:
    I found myself emotionally invested in the characters, anger at their dead-beat mother who abandons her children to fend for themselves. Who does that? I know the mother was mentally distraught over the death of her husband, but I found myself unable to forgive her actions.

    Despite my disgust for Mom,  I couldn’t help but admire the courage and resilience of young Jennifer, a teenager pushed to a station far above her years. She demonstrates incredible maturity, ‘quick-on-the-feet’ intelligence, and a ‘can-do’ attitude. Her younger sister, Emily, is adorable and her kindness towards feline, Miss Daisy, is a tell-tale sign that she shares her sister’s traits.

    This is a poignant tale, yet the above-mentioned qualities of the main characters, combined with the kindness shown by Mr. Parker and the owner of the antique store is heart-warming.

    This is a quick-read that can easily and pleasantly be devoured on a bus ride to, or from, work. The following sentence is the best way I can describe it.

    A Soldier’s Children is a professional-grade firework compacted into firecracker size. A small package with a massive emotional impact!

    I give this book a FIVE STAR rating.


    1. Thank you, Mark, for your amazing review of “A Soldier’s Children!”

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      1. It was an amazing book!


  18. peggyhattendorfcom | Reply

    ‘I’ve read D.L. Finn’ s gripping short story “Red Eyes in the Darkness,” and placed an Amazon review.


  19. peggyhattendorfcom | Reply

    I have read “Acts of Betrayal” by Suzanne Burke with its interesting plot and placed an Amazon review.

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  20. Amazon would not accept my review of D.L.Finn’s Bigfoot A Short Story.
    Here is the review – 5 Star
    D.L Finn got the reader hooked when she opened the story with a question on why the lake was being poisoned. We do find out the answer as well as the plausible existence of Bigfoot. The story is short and the plot tight, so any more discussion of the story might expose some of the ever-present spoiler opportunities.
    All the reader needs to know is the story is tense, well written, and will leave you wanting more of this story. It is a rapid, satisfying read, and I would recommend this book to anyone regardless of genre preference.


  21. I have read and reviewed the following books:
    The Family History Fun Factor: How to Gather and Preserve Family Folklore by Marcha A. Fox
    And the Whippoorwill Sang by Micki Peluso
    Long Stories Short by Karen Black
    All my reviews are live at Amazon.


  22. Amazon would not allow me to post my review for “When Can I Stop Running” by John Podlaski, so here you go. I gave this RRBC BOM 4 Stars.
    This book is written from a first-hand perspective of a man who served in the Viet Nam war. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was interesting to me how he switched from the soldiers’ present precarious situation to childhood memories that were triggered by the events unfolding. There were times I held my breath and times when I had to chuckle. This story is told in such a way that I was able to put myself there beside L.G. and Polack as they endured a long night of LP (Listening Patrol). Not only was the assignment dangerous, but amplified by total darkness and the animals and insects of the Viet Nam jungle. I couldn’t wait for morning to come so they could return to base camp; that is if they survived the night. A well-told story from a man who was there!


  23. Amazon would not allow me to ost a review of Red Eyes in the Darkness. Here is my five-star review

    Red Eyes in The Darkness by D.L.Finn

    Just when you thought it safe to retire and relax a thing called “It “comes into your life. It not only comes in but murders a family member. If that is not enough, the thing which is, in reality, the husband of the murdered woman spreads a bunch of lies about you. Now even your own children won’t talk to you, and the police consider you a person of interest. Time to hit the road in hopes the “It” will be found out.

    This is just a short rundown of the plot. To keep spoilers to a minimum, let me just say this short story was written by D. L. Finn to scare the bejesus out of you. You see, Finn has created these creatures called Evildwels. You guessed it. They take over humans and are not beneficial to have around. You can tell if one has entered someone you know because they will have red eyes. Hence the title of this short story.

    If you love tension and scary stuff in your stories, you’ll love this one.


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