Welcome to RRBC Member Reviews!  We know you’ve probably shared it on Amazon (or, maybe Amazon took your review down and are refusing to put it back up for whatever reason), but we’d love to know what you thought of the RRBC books you’ve read.  Please leave the title of your book, the author of the book and your review down below in the comments section.  Before you leave, we’d also appreciate you clicking the share buttons on this page and sending it to all your social media platforms!  Members who have had reviews removed from Amazon, will get credit if they share their reviews here.

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  1. Here is my Five-star review of Suzanne Burke’s outstanding collection of Short stories titled The Alternative.

    Suzanne Burke has a masterful way of telling a story. She is very direct in laying out the plot in such a way as to convince the reader that the ending will naturally follow the sequence that has been presented. The beauty of the way Ms. Burke crafts her tale is when the finish comes, it packs the wallop of a couple of horse’s hooves.
    The collection of stories in The Alternative is no exception to this phenomenon. One cannot even be assured that any one of the stories will follow a prescribed path to a conclusion. That is the beauty of Ms. Burke’s work. The reader is delighted and surprised every step of the way.
    There is delightful darkness to Ms. Burke’s storytelling. Having read other work by her, I have to believe she finds the dark infinitely more interesting than the light. I can say one thing. Once you read a Suzanne Burke novel or short story, you’ll become a fan.
    This collection of stories is well told and have a sophistication not generally found in the short story style. Anyone of these stories carries the depth of plot and complexity that would be typically be found in a full-length novel. I would recommend this collection of short stories to anyone who likes a well-developed plot and the demonstration of an exceptional level of writing craft.

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    1. 🌹I’ll treasure this review, John. I value all my reviews, but when I receive one from an author I admire it’s the icing on that party cake. Thank you, my friend. Thanks again to Nonnie for giving us an avenue to share our reviews.

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      1. Yes, Thanks to Nonnie. Thank you for the nice comment, Soooz.

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  2. I just posted a review of Mary Adler’s “In the Shadow of Lies.” It was awesome! Outstanding style and technique. I could really relate to it since it took place in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area where I lived years ago. An abridged version of my review is on Amazon an the full-length one is on my blog.


  3. 🌹Your wonderful review of “The Alternative” moved me to happy tears, Gwen. I admit to being utterly shattered when Amazon removed it. Thank you for going that extra mile and sharing it here. Nonnie once again the support you offer all of us is amazing. I know many reviewers and fellow authors that will avail themselves of this opportunity to share. Thank you so much.

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  4. Thank you, thank you, Nonnie!
    I purchased, read and reviewed The Alternative by Suzanne Burke. This is my review:

    Author Suzanne Burke digs into the painful wounds we all carry because of senseless violence. She forces us to confront our fears, our anger, our indignation and has us examine The Alternative. This soul-disturbing collection of short stories powerfully guides us into our desires for effective justice. Through too-familiar characters, we face our darkness, our unspoken sense of “an eye for an eye.” This book is a 5-star read. It will leave you gasping.

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