RRBC is always on the lookout for AMAZING individuals to add to our GOVERNING BOARD or our SPECIALIZED SUPPORT TEAM, who seek to produce the best in all that they do.

Right now we are seeking hard-working, highly motivated team-players to fill the following (volunteer) positions within our club:

*EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT:   Someone who is proficient in everything, especially proofing!!!  A self-starter who needs minimal supervision and can take on assignments and get them done in a timely fashion would be priceless.  If you’re interested, NONNIE NEEDS YOU IMMEDIATELY FOR HER BACKUP SUPPORT! (Someone who works from home and understands the importance of discreetness and loyalty would be perfect for this position);

*BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION MODERATOR:  This person will be responsible for hosting and moderating our book club discussion once monthly in a chatroom forum;

*EDITOR OF THE RRBC PIPELINE MAGAZINE:  Will be responsible for collecting and updating the magazine once monthly.  Must have impeccable writing skills;


*SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR:  Will be responsible for keeping our social media accounts active and busy, while  building our followers and engaging with followers by posting relevant content with substance.  Must have impeccable writing skills; (Filled!)

*RAVE WAVES SHOW HOST:  Will serve as host of their own show, sending out the necessary paperwork to potential guests, and also serve as backup on other shows once per month.  Must possess a great voice and amazing personality that shines thru live radio; (Filled!)

If you are meticulous in your writing and care a great deal of what you produce in the way of the written word, in any forum or format, then we’re interested in speaking with you, to possibly add you to our team.

Please complete and submit the form below.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!




4 responses

  1. Hmm. I’m going to have to pray on this one.

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  2. Drat! I would love be part of the governing board but it’s impossible between working a full time job and writing to deadline on publishing contracts. Hopefully, I can contribute more down the road should some of my time free up. I hope you find amazing individuals for these positions!

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  3. Hello! Thank you for considering for this position. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your interest, Vashti Q!


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