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An only child (in the seventies, mind you), little Robert could be seen running in the backyard, playing superhero with a bed sheet serving as his cape. He also spent many hours drawing or writing in his mid-sized Ohio town. Having also battled depression earlier in life, Robert now sees how his low points have brought him to a more creative, stronger sense of being. Now he is where he wants to be, and is telling the stories he was meant to tell. His other interests include reading, motorcycle touring, fitness and classic movies.




Because Annie has no recollection of her birth parents, her life is full of unknowns. Still, she seems relatively content with her simple existence in Washington, DC. Marcus, her new Italian boyfriend, adds much desired spice to her life despite secrecy about his position at SecureVest. But,  when Annie becomes mysteriously ill, it is the catalyst for a life far from simple.

 Seemingly by luck, Annie discovers that she is maturing into a dhampir (a vampire/human hybrid), and to survive,  she must feed on fresh human blood. With Marcus fully aware of Annie’s predicament, they concoct a scheme: find the evil living among us and act where justice does not.                   

Vigilante Annie is born.


Robert is our “SPOTLIGHT” Author for the week of October 23-29, 2016

Here is the line-up of his blog tour:

Sunday, 10/23/16

Mistral Dawn

Monday, 10/24/16

Kevin Cooper

Tuesday, 10/25/16

Marcha Fox

Wednesday, 10/26/16

Marlena Smith

Thursday, 10/27/16



Friday, 10/28/16

Saturday, 10/29/16


Get your copy of “VIGILANTE ANNIE SCARLOTTE” today!

Twitter handle: @VAAuthor


 When you support Robert by visiting each stop of his tour, sharing your comments, etc., you also support our wonderful blog tour hosts, who were kind enough to serve on the tour.  They would also appreciate your comments, as well as your tweets and Facebook shares of the post.

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If you are lucky enough to be chosen as a “SPOTLIGHT” Author, here is what you and your book will receive:

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  1. Congratulations, Robert Kimbrell on your Spotlight Author honors. Cheers!!


  2. Congrats, Robert! So happy for you!


    1. Nonnie, I Feel like I’m repeating what many others have said, but a sincere honor it is to be part of a great family of authors and readers. Thanks for leading it so well!


  3. Congratulations, Robert! Wishing you a fabulous week in the “Spotlight.”


    1. Natalie, you are everywhere! Thanks for all the comments….

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  4. Congratulations on your spotlight, Robert.🙂


  5. So happy for you, Ann Margaret. I extend my heartfelt congratulations, with hopes you thoroughly enjoy the Spotlight!!


  6. Shirley Harris-Slaughter | Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING CHOSEN FOR THE SPOTLIGHT! Its a wonderful attention-getter.


  7. Congratulations on the honor as this week’s Spotlight Author, Ann Margaret. Enjoy your time and the great support from the club members.


  8. harmonykentonline | Reply

    Congratulations, Ann Margaret! Have a great time in the spotlight!🙂


  9. Congratulations, A. M.! Wishing you a fabulous week in the “Spotlight.”🙂


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