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#RRBC #BlockParty, Why We Keep Her Alive…

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Well, we’re not really keeping her alive, but we are keeping her memory alive, and if you really think about it, you’ll come to realize that they are both the very same thing.

When I started RRBC, there were a handful of people that I wanted by my side as I took this journey…Kathryn C. Treat was one of those people. She served in the capacity of our first Membership Director but what she did, went far above and beyond the duties of that department.

Kathryn loved RRBC with a fierceness I’m not sure any of us could ever have. She and I often spoke over the phone and she would share with me that this club, RRBC, was a life-line for her. At a time when she could no longer work outside the home, this was her job that she came to every single day, up until the day she left us.  She loved and was truly dedicated to this club.

I remember, after Kathryn had been gone for several months, we received two membership applications from people who listed Kathryn as their referring source. I smiled and said to my board, “Kathryn is still recruiting for RRBC from heaven.” And, I truly believe that she is.

Many of you have noticed that there is a page on the site in her honor and that we have several programs, etc. named in her honor, as well. Kathryn deserves every accolade that we can give her, and that is why I will forever keep her, and her memory alive.

Kathryn passed away on 12/21/14 and so that is why we celebrate her on the 21st of each month here at RRBC. Please, if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of her book today! It’s a well-written and truly amazing read.

In Kathryn’s own words…below…(taken from her website)



After exposure to severe mold in the workplace, I found myself unable to continue the life I once led.  I was forced to quit work and give up many things that I cherished.  At the time I became ill, I was a 45-year-old mother of two.  The mold exposure sent me on a path of immune system dysfunction, severe depression and near financial ruin.  I struggled with the loss of identity, loss of my independence and severe depression.  In 2003 I began to write my book.  I

Me among the daffodils.

felt others needed to know how devastating mold can really be.  It has taken me nearly nine years to complete the book.  Allergic to Life:  My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope is now available through Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

It is my hope that my words will help others struggling with mold exposure or chemical sensitivity realize that they can still make a life for themselves, albeit a different life.  It is also my hope that family members, friends, and those in the medical field will come to understand what life is like after mold exposure.

Allergic To Life by Kathryn C. Treat

 August 22, 2013 is the day Kathryn published her first and only book.  Let’s celebrate her book’s 3rd anniversary in grand style!

ALLERGIC TO LIFE Book Trailer (A 4WillsPub production)

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