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SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – #RRBC STYLE! “Responding To Comments On Your Blog Posts” A Blog Lesson

We’ve been talking a lot lately about “engaging” when you visit blog sites and how important it is to leave comments.  But, today we’re going to dibble just a bit on host responses to comments left on blog posts, or the lack thereof.

How many times have we seen a party of comments being left on someone’s blog post, yet the hosts themselves, never take the time to respond to any?  Could that be one of the (small) reasons why people are hesitant to leave comments?  Maybe they feel as if it’s a waste of their time.  I must admit, that I, too, am guilty of not responding to comments left on my sites (sometimes, not always), but seriously folks, my life has changed drastically since the inception of Rave Reviews Book Club.  It takes TONS OF WORK to maintain this club to its present standards, and yes, the bulk of responsibility, does at times, fall in my lap, so there are days when I can’t seem to find the time to eat or take a potty break, let alone, finding a moment to return to a blog post, which was probably written in my sleep.

Most of us lead extremely busy lives, and although we might all find this to be a very good excuse to use, it’s not.  If we can take the time to write a post which we’d like for others to take the time to read (even if it was written in our sleep), then let’s show our readers the small courtesy of at least a response of some kind, if only a “THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!”

Personally, when I leave comments, I don’t care if I get responses to those comments or not (I don’t return to see if there are responses), but I’m not your typical Commenter.  I leave comments because I feel compelled to engage in blog posts that are deserving of my opinions.  So, I’m broaching this subject for the other kind hearts who take the time to engage.

I have raised my daughters to be extremely grateful for everything that is given to them, whether it’s a compliment, a piece of chewing gum, a “bless you” to a sneeze, or any courtesy which has been extended to them.  WHY?  Because NO ONE HAS TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING and NO ONE HAS TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU.  For those two reasons, we should all be grateful for any small courtesy pointed in our direction.

So, there you have my two cents on why it’s important for hosts of blog sites, and writers of blog posts, to always check their sites periodically or even at the end of each day, for comments from visitors.  They didn’t have to stop by your site, and they surely didn’t have to take their precious time to leave a comment (we all know getting those is like pulling teeth), so let’s show our appreciation and gratitude towards those awesomely, kind hearts.  KUDOS to all of you who are so much better at this than those of us who slack in this dept., but who are vowing to do better after reading this post.

Remember, their time is precious just like “hours.”

So, tell us, where do you fall in this category?  Are you a slacker like me, or are you one of the greats who realize the importance of showing your gratitude to those visitors who take time out of their busy lives to share their thoughts on blog posts you’ve written?  We’re all in this together, so don’t be afraid to fess up, if you need to.  We’re listening…

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