Sit back and enjoy these awesome experiences of our club members as they share how excited they are about RRBC!  If you have written your own awesome blog post about your experiences with the club, please use the CONTACT US form to send us the link and we will post it here.  Imagine the extra traffic to your blog site!


*Dazzled By The SpotlightSuzanne Burke

*I Am SpeechlessMarlena Smith

*Rave Reviews Book Club and MeA. M. Manay

*A Big Shout Out to RRBC! – Wendy J. Scott

*What RRBC Has Done For MeShirley Harris-Slaughter

*Simple Decision:  How My Writing Support Group Grew 400+ With One ClickRebecca Reilly

*Profile, Promote & Propel – These Are Words At The Core of Rave Reviews Book ClubPeggy Hattendorf

*On Becoming Book Of The MonthYvette M. Calleiro

*What RRBC Has Done For MeJoy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

*Rave Reviews Book ClubGordon Bickerstaff

*Surfing the RAVE WAVES of the Indie OceanJan Hawke

*Catch the RAVE WAVESBeem Weeks

*A Day In The Life…Shirley Harris-Slaughter

*Rave Reviews Book Club ReviewedAlex Jones

After reading these inspirational stories, are you ready to JOIN RRBC so that you can add your own testimonial here?

11 responses

  1. RRBC has been fantastic for me. Firstly, there’s the people. Such a welcoming, helpful group, always ready with a kind word or social media support. Then you’ve got the lucrative bonuses. Over the last four months, I’ve been honoured by a radio interview with John Howells,p which was thoroughly enjoyable, and the ultimate: my stint as one of February’s Book of the Month authors, and the web chat which accompanies it. Both have brought me invaluable exposure and the holy grail for indies: reviews. With RRBC, you get back what you put in, and I can’t recommend the club highly enough!

    Stuart Kenyon, author of the SUBNORMAL series and SWIFTLY SHARPENS THE FANG https://bit.ly/subn123

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  2. I feel so blessed to have been a #BOM Book of the Month winner last month for my novel, DEMONIC. The outpouring of support from my friends at #RRBC Rave Reviews Book Club has been heartwarming. I know it was a difficult story, full of evil and dark magic, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it was important to me to put it out there. To stretch my wings into uncharted and uncomfortable territory. That is my journey as a writer, and as part of this incredible group. I now understand that is why we are all here together now. We don’t tell the stories. The stories overwhelm us, and we have no choice but to let them out into the light of day. I know I have more to tell, as each of us do. I look forward to sharing with the most excellent community of writers we call #RRBC.

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  3. Two months ago, I joined RRBC. I did not have a twitter account and I did not blog, nor would I have considered doing either.
    Encouraged by RRBC, I joined twitter. I am yet to find out whether it will generate sales or interest in my debut novel, but my tweets have been retweeted mainly by RRBC members. Twitter has taught me a couple of things and in particular that there are literally thousands of books out there, many written by some very talented people and that it will be hard to be noticed let alone have your book purchased. Nevertheless, the RRBC family makes you feel that at least your tweets or cries out into the black abyss of twitter are heard by some. It has also allowed me to connect with other members via messages, who have all been generous with their advice.
    Last week, following in the footsteps of other RRBC members , I started my first blog. As a writer, much of the fulfilment comes from writing itself. Nevertheless, it is great to have some support when you post your thoughts and RRBC provides that.

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  4. […] But there’s more to Rave Reviews Book Club. We also support one another over social media, especially with our #PUSHTUESDAY feature on Twitter. We also find lots of other ways to support one another. Take a look at what this club offers. Why not give it a try? I’ve found more than one good fantasy or science fiction in our club catalog and there are many other genres represented. What’s best is that we all support one another no matter what genre we like. Not an author? No problem, we have reader-members too! If you join today, just tell them P. H. Solomon sent you! […]


  5. #RRBC Rocks! Thanks so much Nonnie, Board and awesome members. You continue to support and encourage me every day. THANKS!

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    1. Bette, it’s nice to see you on RRBC. I just joined last month. What a group! Looking forward to seeing what you’re writing these days. Patricia A. Guthrie (Pat) @pguthrie1


  6. There’s LOTS to RAVE about here at RRBC! Check out these awesome posts! Have you posted a great blog like these? If not… pitter patter… let’s get at ‘er! If so… we’d like to know about it. Use the CONTACT US form, listed above to send us the link to your own awesome blog post!


    1. Hi John,
      Done it and sent it, but if it didn’t get through the ether, let me know.


      1. We got it, Gordon, and now posted. Kudos!!


  7. WOW, RRBC! These blog posts are great! Thank you for taking the time to share your awesome experiences!


    1. Thank you, Nonnie! As you can see, we greatly appreciate the support that you and RRBC have given us.


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